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2/6/2016 - WOODLAND POND, a NEW Block Print by Laura Wilder
"Inspired by a scene I pass during my favorite walk in Vermont where, at the right time of day, the sun glows through the woods and makes glorious reflections on a duck pond at the edge of my path".

"This is a pond where our normally docile foster Lab ‘Hooch’ once surprised us by taking a sudden flying leap in to the water and paddling after the ducks. He didn’t catch any, but he still had a very good time".

Laura has been laboring over this new block print since November. She has twice abandoned her carvings and prints and then restarted.

"Third time was a charm!"

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Finally a Cooper Lace pattern right out of an early 1912 Gustav Stickley “CRAFTSMAN FURNISHINGS FOR THE HOME” catalog!
It’s Craftsman pattern No 5: “This is our most elaborate design in the darning stitch…”

For those striving for the ultimate in Mission, Bungalow or early 1900’s styling, this Craftsman Lace pattern is an authentic reproduction.

Sold only in pairs, there is a left and right mirror-image panel that features an intricate Arts & Crafts border as shown above.
Since the center of the panels are a plain lace field, these curtains are best gathered to create privacy.

Woven of 100% Scottish Cotton finished ivory, there is a rod pocket and header at the top of each panel.

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Let us help you with a gift selection in advance.

The heart, the symbol of love:

Shown above is a choice of two beautiful heart pendant/ necklace and earring sets, both of which will show the important woman in your life that you love her!

This is EXCLUSIVE Jewelry crafted by a human hand in the Roycroft Arts & Crafts tradition by our Aurora Silversmith, Al Sleeper.

"Love instilled into solid materials by loving craftsmanship is the only creation of mankind to defeat time..." Jonathan Cash

The earrings and pendants are sold separately.

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With Valentines Day only 3 weeks away, best to order now so we can get your jewelry selection to you in time.

1/16/2016 - A WARM WELCOME!
The cold of Winter is upon us. It’s a time when we invite family and friends into our homes.
Often we offer a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate as a warm-up.
Considering our intent, is our Welcome obvious, friendly and sincere?
Is there a Welcome door mat or a beautifully framed Welcome Tile on display?

Shown above are our always popular Dard Hunter design Door Mats.
Left is the Iris design inspired by the Dard Hunter 1906 book "Justinian and Theodora".
Right is the Dard Hunter Rose & Stem, a classic design inspired by the famous Roycroft publication "A Message to Garcia".

These door mats are substantial made of 100% natural fiber with a raised flocked design.
The mats are nicely sized at 29" x 19" and have a heavy rubber backing.

Shown above is our new and very popular Weaver Welcome Tile framed in quarter-sawn oak by Dard Hunter Studios.
The oak frame is finished with a moisture-resistant varnish although if used outdoors, we recommend a sheltered location.
However, this framed Welcome Tile would look gorgeous hung in the entryway or foyer or even over the fireplace.

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Both our Dard Hunter Door Mats and our new framed Weaver Welcome Tile have been best sellers during the recent Holiday period.

Snuggle up in your favorite chair with one of our Frank Lloyd Wright Collection® Throws while reading or watching TV.

Made in the USA of 100% cotton, these throws can be machine washed and dried.

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