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10/22/2016 - How’s this quote for an excuse?

Very convenient for someone wanting to self-justify the purchase of a coveted item.
The venerable socialist father of Arts & Crafts in England William Morris said go for it!

Once again we draw you attention to our crafts firm ‘Mission Statements’ founded by a seasoned Pennsylvania graphic designer Mark Grounard. Check out his newest Holiday oriented designs:

You can Shop and Order Here.

10/15/2016 - What time is it?
Take a look at our new CLOCKS by Patrick Ashley of New Mission Workshop:

Since 2000, Patrick has been producing high quality clocks and furniture pieces adhering to the principles of the Arts & Crafts aesthetic in both design and craftsmanship. You can tell he has an eye for Arts & Crafts design because it is hidden somewhere in his passion for new designs.

You can Shop and Order Here.

And stay tuned. Patrick also crafts several small accessory furniture pieces which we will be adding to our website soon.

10/4/2016 - THEY’RE BACK!
Arts & Crafts Calendars for 2017.

Shown above L to R:
1) "A Small, Untroubled World - The Art of Gustave Baumann". Published by Pomegranate for the New Mexico Museum of Art, this calendar presents twelve of Baumann’s brilliant meticulously crafted woodcuts.

2) "Arts & Crafts Block Prints by William S Rice". This calendar contains twelve richly colored block prints that reflect Rice’s love of the outdoors and his observations as a naturalist.

3)"National Parks - Poster Art of the WPA" published under license of Ranger Doug’s Enterprises. Ruggedly handsome, these posters are a must-have for collectors of mid 30’s "New Deal" ephemera. It was also common of the period to find a WPA Poster hanging as wall art in the American Bungalow.

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