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10/23/2019 - THE END IS NEAR!

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10/19/2019 - Timing is Everything!

Every Arts & Crafts furnished home should have a quality crafted Arts & Crafts Table Lamp for authentic ambiance! Fair Oak Workshops has three suppliers as shown below:

CRAFTSMEN STUDIO features work by Brett Johnson who has recently returned to crafting Arts & Crafts accessory furniture including these traditional Table Lamps. Brett learned his craft working for this father-in-law at Craftsmen Hardware which dates back to 1992. Brett became the woodworker and lighting expert at Craftsmen Hardware and has since become the separate business of Craftsmen Studio.
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Brett crafts his Table Lamps to order requiring a 4-6 week lead time. A Table Lamp needed for Christmas must be ordered by EARLY NOVEMBER! Allow an additional week for shipping from Missouri.

MICA LAMP COMPANY has been around since 1991 and the early days of the Arts & Crafts Renaissance. Located in California, Mica Lamp’s reproduction lamps are authentic in style, materials and craftsmanship to the original circa early 1900’s Arts & Crafts era. Featuring hand-riveted shades of authentic Mica mineral and finished in an old time patina, you would think Dirk van Erp of 1910 San Franciscon is still alive!
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Mica Lamp promises these Table Lamps on a 6 week lead time bases. Mica Lamp copper-craft Table Lamps shud be on order by THE FIRST WEEK ON NOVEMBER for Christmas delivery. Allow at least an additional week for shipping from California.

ADIRONDACK CRAFTSMAN LIGHTING features the craftsmanship of John Thiesen who in western New York State is known as the ’wood magician’! A self-taught cabinetmaker, John became mesmerized by the work of Charles Rohlf (1853-1936) when he crafted a replica Rohlf chair for a Milwaukee Art Museum exhibit. Thus John became an Arts & Crafts craftsman of the 2nd coming and is a juried member of the Arts & Craftsmen Guild located on the historic Roycroft Campus in East Aurora, NY.
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John also builds his Table Lamps to order on a 2-4 week delivery. A Table Lamp for a Christmas gift MUST BE ORDERED BEFORE THANKSGIVING. Allow an additional week for shipping from upstate New York.

In our neck of the woods, Autumn has turned chilly quickly!
Of an evening, it’s time to cuddle up in a wool throw. We have just the ticket:

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10/12/2019 - Ready To Go Shopping?
Out of production collection of Ephraim Pottery!

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Lace up for the Holidays!

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Are you ready to entertain for the Holidays?

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Go Holiday shopping in style!

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These TILES have become instantly popular!

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WPA Poster availability is becoming limited!

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10/1/2019 - RARE MOTAWI TILE ! ! !