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Our Aurora Silversmith has just released his NEW LIMITED EDITION 2014 SNOW FLAKE PENDANT.

Made from ARGENTIUM STERLING SILVER (LOW OXIDATION SILVER}.  This piece is a limited edition of 200 signed and numbered by the artisan. It has the Roycroft double “R” trade mark on the face and "STERLING" with the maker‘s mark, date and number on the back.  Six legs of the snow flake end in a heart shape while the opposing legs are textured using a 100+ year old tool from the Roycroft Copper Shop.  The center portion of the snow flake is hammered and slightly raised.  20” Sterling Silver rope chain. The snow flake is 1 3/4” point to point.
You can order the 2014 Snow Flake Pendant and shop all of our Aurora Silversmith Jewelry Here.
11/12/2014 - DOOR POTTERY NEW FOR 2014 VASES ! ! !
Here are Door Pottery’s new vases for 2014:

Shown L to R above: Arrow Leaf Vase in a Cucumber Green over Blue glaze, Bat in Arches Vase in a Summer Mix glaze, Cherokee Marsh Vase in a Northern Lights Green glaze, Emergence Vase in a Northern Lights Blue glaze, Lily of the Valley Vase in a Cucumber Green glaze and Sunburst Vase in a Persimmon glaze.

Click Here to shop and order these new for 2014 vases as well as review all of the available Door Pottery.

If you are planning on the purchase of a Door Pottery vase as a Holiday Gift, NOW IS THE TIME TO BE ORDERING!

When you order, the vase and glaze you choose may be in stock and we can ship promptly. But more often than not the particular vase and glaze combination you have chosen will have to be made to order. In this case, please allow four to six weeks for shipment which will be just in time for Christmas.

11/9/2014 - A FABULOUS NEW BLOCK PRINT ! ! !

HIAWATHA LAKE Block Print by Laura Wilder.

Click Here for matt and frame options and to order this fabulous NEW block print.

Hiawatha Lake is a man made lake in Syracuse’s south side Onondaga Park. Originally a city reservoir, it was purchased by the city of Syracuse in about 1900. The reservoir had rip-rapp stone sides and an adjoining oak and hickory grove. A local citizen John McCarthy added swimming facilities and the reservoir became a community swimming pool in 1911. An adjoining modern swimming facility known as Onondaga Pool has since replaced swimming in the Lake.

The Lake also freezes over in winter and becomes a community skating rink.

Hiawatha Lake and Lagoon includes a 60 ft round island accessible by way of a small arched footbridge. A Gazebo Bandstand was added to the island which is a picturesque setting for weddings, photos and enjoyable band concerts. The adjoining groves are used for picnics.

Laura Wider and husband Bob visited the park this fall and were charmed by the old band gazebo on the little island as well as the historic homes which ring water‘s edge. To use Laura’s words: “the place is loaded with romance…”.