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12/11/2019 - A Perfect Last Minute Gift!

We have several framed Motawi Tiles designed by Yoshiko Yamamoto of Arts & Crafts Press,
a large selection of framed Motawi Tiles featuring Charley Harper images,
a nice selection of framed Frank Lloyd Wright Collection© Tiles,
a framed Dard Hunter Holiday Nutcracker set of tiles
and a set of framed Motawi Landscape Tiles inspired by the popular Grueby Tile designs of a century ago.

All our Motawi Tiles are framed by Dard Hunter Studios and are shipped from Ohio.
If you order now thru the weekend, we will have enough time to frame your tiles and ship in time for Christmas!

Here are some samples:

Yoshiko’s designs:

You can shop and order our framed Yoshiko Motawi Tile designs by CLICKING HERE .

Charley Harper images:

You can shop and order our framed Motawi Tile Charley Harper designs by CLICKING HERE .

Frank Lloyd Wright Collection© Tiles:

You can shop and order our framed Motawi Tile Frank Lloyd Wright Collection© by CLICKING HERE .

Dard Hunter Holiday Nutcracker set of Tiles:

You can shop and order our framed Motawi Dard Hunter Holiday Nutcracker Tiles by CLICKING HERE .

Motawi Landscape Tiles:

You can shop and order our framed Motawi Landscape Tile designs by CLICKING HERE .

There isn’t an Arts & Crafts fan who doesn’t appreciate a beautifully framed tile.
You can’t miss; this will be a very appreciated gift!

It’s 2 weeks to Christmas so now is the time to wrap up your shopping and Fair Oak Workshops will be pleased to help.
When it comes to quality contemporary Arts & Crafts gifts, Fair Oak Workshops has been the leader now for 25 years.
We hope you enjoy shopping with us and we also hope you will give us an order!

Happy Holidays!

12/7/2019 - Holiday Gift Guide!



1) Arts & Crafts Press HOLIDAY CARDS are actually high quality small block prints and are shipped immediately.

2) Arts & Crafts Press NEW BLOCK PRINT Rainier -Mazama Ridge is a new just released block print available matted or matted and framed.

3) COSANTI WIND CHIME from the studio of the late Paolo Soleri who was considered to be the epitome of practice in the Arts & Crafts aesthetic.

4) Craftsmen Hardware’s HOUSE NUMBERS are available as individual numbers or bolded on a hammered plaque; order promptly to allow time for custom craftsmanship.

5) Craftsmen Studio TABLE LAMPS has inventory in stock ready to ship!

6) Door HOLIDAY VASE; note flower frog design; we have this vase in stock ready to ship!

7) EPHRAIM POTTERY; we have one of each of these retired pieces ready to ship!

8) Frank Lloyd Wright Collection© THROWS are an easy, thoughtful and inexpensive gift!

9) Hays BLOCK PRINTS are high quality art by a professional painter!

10) BETSY ROSS FLATWARE is DISCOUNTED 15% during December.

11) G W Maher CLOCK as an EXCLUSIVE design of Fair Oak Workshops is a unique gift item!

12) Martin House GLASSMASTER LAY LIGHT PANEL from the pier clusters of the famous Buffalo home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

13) Framed MOTAWI TILE selection featuring designs by Yoshiko Yamamoto, Charley Harper and Frank Lloyd Wright!.

14) Parchment Press BOOK SELECTION; books are always a welcome and safe gift!

15) Framed Dard Hunter Motawi PEACOCK TILE is in mint condition and VERY RARE one of a kind special gift for a special person!

16) PEWABIC TILE; nice example from Pewabic Pottery.

17) Framed Weaver WELCOME TILE and currently our best selling item!

18) Laura Wilder’s NEW BLOCK PRINT Winter Woods IV is available matted or matted and framed.

19) Laura Wilder’s Framed GICLEE PRINTS are reproductions of Laura’s previous most popular prints made available as smaller reasonably priced framed giclee prints!

20) Laura Wilder’s HOLIDAY CARDS are quality prints and are available for immediate shipment.

We hope we have provided gift suggestions you may have been looking for and that you will be ordering soon to provide ample time for arrival before Christmas.

Thanking you in advance for your business!
We very much need your support!

12/4/2019 - A Beautiful Block Print for Christmas?
The best expression of Arts & Crafts art is the artist’s designed, hand-carved and hand-printed block print.
Fair Oak Workshops features 3 of the best contemporary artists:

Laura Wilder is one of our enthusiastic artists whose style fits perfectly into the aesthetic of the Arts & Crafts movement.
She has been represented by Fair Oak Workshops since 2005 as the designer and plate carver for our exclusive series of Seasonal Block Prints long since sold out.
Shown below are two of her more popular block prints: The Gloaming II and Seasons IV.

You can shop and order Laura’s multi-media artwork HERE.

Yoshiko is an artist who has emerged over the years as a superb designer of greeting cards, block prints, posters and book covers.
Her Japanese heritage provides the inspiration to capture the oriental aesthetic so sympathetic with the art of the American Arts & Crafts Movement.
Yoshiko is one of our early Fair Oak Workshops block print artists and craftsmen.
Shown below are her two latest block prints; The Rainier Mazama Ridge and a 3 Sisters Evening Triptych.

You can shop and order Yoshiko’s block prints and greeting cards HERE.

Vermont artist William Hays has been creating beautiful works of art for more than 40 years.
He began painting in watercolors as a teenager and eventually ended up with a degree in sculpture from the University of Alaska.
After moving to Vermont in 1987, Hays concentrated on painting in oils.
His work in linocut block prints began with the recession in 2007 and since 2012 he has concentrated exclusively on block prints.
We found Hays about a year ago and his block prints have impressed our customers perhaps more for their artistic quality than their Arts & Crafts style.
Show below are three of Hays more popular block prints: Autumn Field, Glorious Day and Moonlight Lead.

You can shop and order Hay’s block prints HERE.

Christmas is 3 weeks from today so we suggest you order your block prints soon to allow time for delivery in time for gift giving!

11/23/2019 - Practical Holiday Gifts!


Too big to be a stocking stuffer but that’s a purpose they serve; a last minute inexpensive house warming gift!
CLICK HERE to select and order a Frank Lloyd Wright Collection© Door Mat!

Maine Woolens are woven in Maine

CLICK HERE to order a Maine Woolens Throw or Blanket!

11/20/2019 - Holiday Cards and Gift Wrapping!
It’s time to order your Holiday Greeting Cards!
We have two suppliers:

1) HOLIDAY CARDS by Laura Wilder Period Style Artwork whose Holiday Cards are giclee reproduction prints of her orginals, Winter Woods I being her favorite.
Here are four of Laura’s most popular Holiday cards:

The 2nd card from the left: The Gloaming was one of Laura’s most popular paintings!
CLICK HERE to order your choice of 13 different Holiday cards from Laura Wilder!

2) HOLIDAY CARDS by Yoshiko Yamamoto of Arts & Crafts Press.
Yoshiko’s Holiday Cards are actually mini-block prints featuring her previous popular block prints!
Here are four of Yoshko’s most popular Holiday cards:

The 2nd card from the left is a John Muir subject which is always a favorite!
CLICK HERE to order your choice of 20 different Holiday cards from Arts & Crafts Press!

3) NEW Gold Foil Holiday Wrapping Paper!
Another product by our custom supplier of Fair Oak Workshops designs!

Sold in sets of 3 sheets 19” x 29” each.
Printed on 80 pound semi’gloss paper using real metallic foil ink from half-tone images.
Back side includes grid-lines for the perfectionist wrapper.
Sheets come loosely rolled crease free.
CLICK HERE to order our custom Arts & Crafts design Foil Wrapping Paper from our NEW Zazzle Store.

11/18/2019 - Is there someone at the door?
Be sure and give them a BIG WELCOME!

1) How about Welcoming Motto Boards

When prominently hung in the foyer, over a doorway or over the fireplace mantel you clearly state your warm and friendly attitude towards visitors..
CLICK HERE to order an Arts & Crafts Welcome Motto Board.

2) Or a Framed Welcoming Homestead Print

This is a fabulous gift item that will become a family heirloom!
CLICK HERE to order a unique framed Homestead Print.

11/17/2019 - The Holidays Are Almost Here!
Little time remains to get Laced Up For The Holidays!

A window spruce-up will brighten your Holidays and impress your guests at Thanksgiving, various Christmas parties and of course the New Years Eve Holiday wrap up.
Order NOW; there is still enough time to get it done!
CLICK HERE to shop our large selection of Cooper Scottish Lace
11/16/2019 - More Gifts!

We have 4 Stores on Zazzle to craft our custom products and this is a good time to be selecting your Gift Pillows; your Holiday Table Linens and your Seasonal Shopping Totes!

Helen Foster:

CLICK HERE to shop our Helen Foster Zazzle Store!

Louis Sullivan:

CLICK HERE to shop our Louis Sullivan Zazzle Store!

William Morris:

CLICK HERE to shop our William Morris Zazzle Store!

Ceramic Tiles:

CLICK HERE to shop our very popular Zazzle Tile Store.

10/1/2019 - RARE MOTAWI TILE ! ! !