What's New at FairOak.com
Meet our new block print artist William Hays, a Green Mountain Boy who has repurposed his oil painting skill into making block prints. Hays' subject material is landscape so it earns the respect of the Arts & Crafts enthusiast. Additionally Hays' craftsmanship is truly a practice of the Arts & Crafts aesthetic.

You’re going to love Hays' work which he calls linocut which means his blocks are carved into a linoleum plate instead of wood. And Hays is a practitioner of the 'reduction print process' which in the case of a multi-color print has him cutting away a color from his plate when printed. This has the effect of reducing the plate to no longer being complete when the print is finished which validates the statement 'Limited Edition'!

You can shop and order Hays' linocut block prints HERE

Here is a sneak preview of some of his prints (you can see a much larger images by clicking on the link above):

Shown L to R above: Autumn Field, Glorious Day, Kissed by the Sun, Evensong, Solitude and Sunshine Snowfall.
If you review the artist’s comments on about each print our website, you will find an interesting story about how each block print design came to be.

We are very excited to add William Hays linocut block prints to our website and we are confident you will be blown away with his images!