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We are at the cutoff to order JEWELRY that we can ship for you to have in time for Christmas.

We request you place your order this weekend.
Orders placed now thru Monday, 12/10 will be shipped FREE.
Orders placed after Monday, 12/10 may not arrive in time for Christmas.

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Please select your item from the list below (many are in limited supply, so their availability is subject to prior sale):

3 Snowflake Pendants

5 Bracelet designs

10 Earring designs

12 Pendant designs

We will advise customers who order items listed above that are sold out.

Jewelry is of course a popular Christmas Gift.
The problem is our jewelry is custom made for Fair Oak Workshops by our Aurora Silversmith Master Roycroft Artisan, Al Sleeper.
While Al carries an inventory of our pieces, when an item sells out Al has to make more to fill additional orders.
Now there is insufficient time remaining to guarantee that can be done in time for Christmas.

Best to order today, tomorrow or Monday!