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Please check out our Made in America items below:

Shown L to R above:
Cotton Throws: Saguaro Forms & Cactus Flowers, Tree of Life, Waterlilies, May Basket, Oak Park Skylight, Coonley Playhouse and April Showers
Lightboxes: Mini Wood Lightboxes Coonley Playhouse, Robie House Art Glass, Dana House Sumac Art Glass and Martin House Tree-of-Life
Wood Lightboxes: Dana House Sumac Art Glass, Martin House Tree-of-Life Arts Glass, Robie House Art Glass and Robie House Sconce
Art Glass Elements: Coonley A, Dana Single Sumac, Martin Single Tree-of-Life and Robie B; Dana Double Sumac, Martin Triple Tree-of-Life and Robie Double.

The Cotton Throws are woven in North Carolina. Perfect for snuggling up while watching TV or reading a book on a cold winter night!
The Wood Lightboxes and Art Glass Elements are laser cut in California. The Wood Lightboxes are an attractive decorative and useful item; the Art Glass Elements are a wonderful home accessory that can dress up a wall, provide a window privacy screen and even be incorporated into a room divider or sideboard or bookcase doors!

CLICK HERE to shop and order our Frank Lloyd Collection® Cotton Throws;

CLICK HERE to shop and order our Frank Lloyd Collection® Mini Wood Lightboxes;

CLICK HERE to shop and order our Frank Lloyd Collection® Wood Lightboxes;

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Fair Oak Workshops does NOT import and only in special cases offers items that are NOT Made in America!

2/3/2018 - A TALE OF TWO DIVAS ! ! !

In the 23 years we’ve been in business we’ve been lucky to have a great friendship with the TWO DIVAS of contemporary Arts & Crafts block prints, see below:

Left is Yoshiko Yamamoto of Arts & Crafts Press and right is Laura Wilder of Laura Wilder Artwork.
Both ladies are very charming and very popular with their clients and we also love them both!

Personally I have block prints by both hanging side by side and I find their artistic styles to be interestingly different.
Check them out by reviewing their new just released block prints below:

Left is Yoshiko’s new Coastal Oaks block print, right is Laura’s new Lake View block print.
Note the contrast between the Japanesque style of Yoshiko with the Roycroft Renaissance Master Artisan style of Laura! It contrasts the oriental designs seen on the west coast vs the design formality of east coast Arts & Crafts. As a matter of fact, Yoshiko has her studio in Tacoma, WA and Laura hails from Rochester, NY!

CLICK HERE to shop and order Yoshiko‘s block prints;

CLICK HERE to shop and order Laura’s block prints.

Whether you prefer Yoshiko’s fascination with the coastal hills near Santa Barbara or Laura’s childhood memories of spending time near a lake swimming, sunbathing and picnicking, you can choose your preferred subject and style or as I do, enjoy both!