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7/21/2018 - FINAL CLEANUP!
We are clearing out old inventory and cleaning house in preparation for the Holiday Season stock-up (and it also makes our accountant happy).

1) We have a few pieces of Teco Art Pottery Collection® left:

You can shop and order these final pieces of The Teco Art Pottery Collection® Here

2) We have 4 large books that don’t fit in our library so they have become permanent coffee table décor that needs to change:

You can shop and order our large coffee table books Here

3) We have a RARE complete 49 volume set of the Prairie School Review periodical occupying needed library shelf space (6 sample cover copies shown below):

You can shop and order this complete 49 Volume collection of the Prairie School Review Here

4) There are Historical Arts & Casting Omicron2 and 3 candlesticks and a Kappa candelabra needing a new home:

You can shop these Historical Arts & Castings candlesticks Here

5) We have a final single large Art Glass of the Prairie School panel that’s in the way:

You can shop and order this last Art Glass of the Prairie School panel Here

6) And finally we have ONE 12 ft William Morris design rug runner we have stumbled over long enough:

You can shop and order this William Morris design rug runner Here

And please remember, our Liberty Tabletop Weave pattern 18-10 Stainless Flatware is on sale one more week.

You can shop and order this Liberty flatware pattern Here

This is your last chance on purchasing the above. Starting next week we begin planning the 2018 Gift Giving Holiday Season!


Look at this fabulous NEW block print by Yoshiko Yamamoto of Arts & Crafts Press!
Titled "Glowing Lantern - Evening", this block print is available matted or matted and framed as shown below:

Using Yoshiko’s own description:
"The elegant stained-glass lantern at the back porch of the Gamble House (in Pasadena California circa. 1908) has been one of my favorite designs by the architects, Greene & Greene. I’ve been always drawn to this iconic lantern but have been somewhat hesitant to make a print of it. It is so perfectly proportioned that I felt I had to wait until I was able to carve all the details without fail."
This linoleum block print was printed using 16 LAYERS OF COLOR each requiring a pass thru a Vandercook letterpress using Yoshiko’s hand-carved blocks.
Printed on acid-free 100% cotton Strathmore Paper using Charbonnel inks, this is a LIMITED EDITION OF ONLY 133 PRINTS.
We rushed this block print to your attention because we expect this block print will be available for only a very short time!
You can shop and order this Arts & Crafts Press block print by Clicking Here