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1/15/2020 - The Love of Winter!
We may not admit it, but Winter is actually a beautiful season!

From the First Snowfall to the beauty of snow cover:

L to R above: The First Snowfall and Sunshine Snowfall Block Prints by William Hays and The Gloaming II Block Print by Laura Wilder.
Click Here for William Hays Block Prints
Click Here for Laura Wilder Block Prints

There is nothing prettier than a Red Cardinal with snow covered surroundings!

L to R above: Framed Motawi Tiles: Winter Cardinals by Yoshiko Yamamoto, Cool Cardinal and BrrrrdBath by Charley Harper.
Click Here for Framed Motawi Yoshiko Yamamoto Tiles
Click Here for Framed Motawi Charley Harper Tiles

Winter Greeting cards by Arts & Crafts Press (Yoshiko Yamamoto) that are actual mini Block Prints that could be framed instead of stamped and mailed!

L to R above: Pines and a Snow scene inspired by John Muir images, a Snowman and Winter Mountain with skiers!
Click Here for Arts & Crafts Press Holiday Greeting Cards

The peacefulness of moonlit darkness and a roaring fire in the hearth!

L to R above The Roycroft Campus in East Aurora NY, the Title Graphic from the Roycroft book Rip vanWinkle which was a previous Fair Oak Workshops limited edition Block Print and the American Bungalow Winter Print from a previous series now all framed giclee mini prints by Laura Wilder.
Click Here for Framed Laura Wilder Giclee Mini Prints

And for warmth and ambiance:

Frank Lloyd Wright Collection© design Throw, a Mica Beanpot Table Lamp and a Craftsman Riverview Table Lamp creating a warm fireside setting!
Click Here for Frank Lloyd Wright Collection© Throws
Click Here for Mica Table Lamps
Click Here for Craftsmen Studio Table Lamps

See, Winter and it’s surroundings are beautiful, fun and can even be cozy!

1/5/2020 - NEW CLOCKS !
New designs EXCLUSIVE to Fair Oak Workshops!

Stencil Wall Clocks!
Our Arts & Crafts design is attractive, affordable and will look great in the kitchen, bath, powder room, den, hall or any nook or cranny.

Shown L to R above: Stencil Wall Clocks Prairie Frieze and Rose Frieze.
These Wall Clocks use Fair Oak Workshops proprietary Helen Foster Stencil designs carved into quarter-sawn oak Motto Boards by our Signs of Life Motto supplier.
The third clock is a Dard Hunter Rose design by Signs of Life Mottos.
The designs are then stain finished like a Motto Board.
The clock insert is a friction fit in the hole provided.
The board has a key slot in the back for hanging.
The quartz clock has an almost silent clicking second hand and is battery operated with a 1.5 volt “N” size long life medical battery (included).

CLICK HERE to order one of our NEW Stencil Wall Clocks.

And if you missed our other NEW Fair Oak Workshops EXCLUSIVE
Mantle Clocks!

you can CLICK HERE to take a look or to order.

3/8/2019 - PROUDLY ! ! !