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2/20/2019 - WE'VE GOT IT NOW!

Creating Beauty: Jewelry and Enamels of the American Arts & Crafts Movement by Rosalie Berberian

This long awaited NEW book has to be the best Schiffer Publishing book ever printed and it took the manuscript of the foremost authority on the silver, jewelry, and art-enamels created by the nation’s most talented metalsmiths of the early 20th century to do it!

More than 530 beautifully photographed examples of jewelry and art-enamel work glow from the pages of this first comprehensive study of the work and aesthetic vision of the American Arts & Crafts Movement. The lives and art of the era’s top craftsmen—84 jewelers, enamelists, and metalsmiths—are explained with careful consideration to the contexts and influences that shaped them. The belief that beauty should be part of everyday life was paramount in the design reform movements of the early 20th century. Dozens of creators are featured here, including Josephine Hartwell Shaw, Frank Gardner Hale, Robert Riddle Jarvie, the Kalo Shop, Louis Comfort Tiffany, and the Roycroft. Although jewelry and enamelwork pieces received appreciative critical acclaim in that period, during today’s revival of interest in the US Arts & Crafts movement, they have attracted scant attention from art historians. This collection fills that void and is a valuable resource for collectors and historians.
Hardcover 9” x 12” 272 pp with 531 photographs most in color.

Available for immediate shipment, order your copy HERE

This was also the most popular book sold at last weekend’s annual Arts & Crafts Conference at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC!

A GREAT Coffee Table Book providing an exciting read while waiting for Spring!

2/19/2019 - Reduced prices

1) A pair of Alpha candlesticks in brass with original bobeche:

The Jarvie signature is a little hard to see; carefully check the computer lightened boxes.
The candlestick on the left was recently included in the Art of Illinois exhibit (catalog pg 62, left hand object) at the restored Governor's Mansion in Springfield.

2) A pair of Delta candlesticks in bronze with replacement bobeche:

The Jarvie signature is a little hard to see; carefully check the computer lightened boxes.
These candlesticks are obviously early production because they have the incised lines at the top and bottom of the shaft and are in Jarvie's 'Verdegrene' finish rarely found on today‘s auction market.

3) A Zeta chamberstick in spun brass with a replacement bobeche:

A beautiful aged patina!

You can order order HERE.


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Just before leaving for Asheville and the annual Arts & Crafts Conference this weekend at the Grove Park Inn, Laura Wilder released another Winter Woods block print, this one being 'IV' (fourth).

Available as usual matted or matted and framed, Winter Woods IV is a handmade, hand-signed limited edition of 198 block prints in 7 colors.

You can order Laura's NEW BLOCK PRINT HERE.

Laura's blog post 'Making Winter Woods IV' is available HERE.

Laura's final comment about this block print:
I get cold easily, and survive life in the snow belt by staying indoors and wearing many layers eight months out of the year.
But when the sun shines low after a big snowfall, I cannot resist a visit to the beautiful blue woods, warmed by the sun's orangey golden glow.

Yoshiko Yamamoto of Arts & Crafts Press recently announced 3 new block prints.
As usual they are available matted or matted and framed by Dard Hunter Studios.

You can shop and order the NEW BLOCK PRINTS HERE.


The new AFTERNOON print is shown above on the left; the previous EVENING print is shown at right. While this print is a companion print for our customers who previously bought the EVENING print, both prints are available if you want to buy the pair new. This new AFTERNOON print is a signed and limited edition of only 40; the original EVENING is a signed and limited edition of 133.
Yoshiko writes: "The elegant stained-glass lantern at the back porch of the Gamble House (circa. 1908) has been one of my favorite designs by the architects, Greene & Greene. I’ve been always drawn to this iconic lantern in Pasadena, California, but have been somewhat hesitant to make a print of it. It was so perfectly proportioned that I felt I had to wait until I was able to carve all the details without fail."
This linoleum block print was printed from 16 layers of colors using hand-carved blocks. Each color was hand-printed on acid-free 100% cotton Strathmore Paper, with Charbonnel ink, using Vandercook 219AB letterpress.


Yoshiko writes: "Described as one of the most beautiful and largest oaks by John Muir, black oaks are magnificent trees. I especially love the grove of black oak trees in Yosemite Valley in fall when the leaves of these trees turn yellow and golden, bursting forth with colors."
A Limited Edition of 190 woodblock printed in 8 colors.


Yoshiko writes: "This woodblock print is based on my sketch of a bristlecone pine near White Mountains, in eastern California, now within the Inyo National Forest. Growing just below the tree line in the harsh climate, bristlecone pine trees are the oldest living organisms on this planet. Known for their extraordinary longevity, they live thousands of years, mostly in the Southwestern states. I love the Bristlecone pine's gnarly barks and sparse foliage. They are stubborn, uncompromising and tenacious, yet are so beautiful in their austerity. Their haunting, silent silhouette on the craggy slopes stirs our emotion and imagination.
Limited Edition of 210 woodblock prints, made from hand-carved wood and linoleum blocks. 100% cotton, acid-free paper.

We expect Glowing Lantern - Afternoon of only 40 prints to sell out quickly.

From the Dakotas to New England with ice as far south as Atlanta, we’ve just experienced another severe polar vortex visit to the Mid-West.

We shivered for 3 days and nights which made us realize we need to invest in a quality Throw that we can cuddle up with while reading or watching TV.

And on the first minus 25 degree night we simply could not find enough blankets to sleep warm. Everything was cold: the walls and floor just reeked cold which was another wake up call. It’s also time to invest in a real blanket because a good sleep means everything on a very cold Winter night!

We have added to our website quality Throws and Blankets manufactured by a textile mill in Maine, USA!

Starting with the BEST, you can CLICK HERE to Shop and Order.

Alpaca: A soft, strong, durable, lustrous silky fiber warmer than wool. The fiber has no lanolin so alpaca is hypoallergenic.
Shown above is Sugarloaf Alpaca.

Cashmere: A fine, soft wool that is three times more insulating than wool. Cashmere improves with age and is one of the longest lasting fibers available.
Shown above is Chevron Cashmere.

Wool: Wool has a greater bulk than other fibers and thus holds air which in turn retains heat.
Shown above is Oakley Plaid Wool.

Cotton: Unlike the above animal grown fibers, cotton grows as a plant and has a cellulose composition. It is spun into yarn that is soft and breathable, the hallmark of cotton fabric.
Shown L to R above: Belfast, Gingham Check, Rockport and Plaids Cotton.

Blends: Add 15% Polyester to Cotton and you a less expensive, durable, wrinkle free low maintenance fabric.
Shown above is Seacoast Blend.

Here’s to helping you to stay warm as you hibernate for the rest of Winter!