What's New at FairOak.com

1) Our last piece of Cobre Copperware, the Oak Park Copper Floor Vase

Reminiscent of a Teco Pottery shape but much larger and very husky.
An excellent accessory piece for the foyer or beside the fireplace.
Includes the Cobre stamp and craftsman signature.
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2) An original pair of signed Delta and Zeta Jarvie candlesticks

The Delta sticks have the early production incised double line below the bud and above the base and are finished in Jarvieís "Verdegrene", a finish rarely found today!
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3) Creating Beauty is the NEW Book you donít want to miss

Rosalie Berberianís long awaited book on the Jewelry and Enamelware of the original Arts & Crafts Movement is collecting rave reviews!
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4) We have a rare framed ganged set of Seasonal Block prints by Kathleen West

Kathleen West was one of the first Arts & Crafts block print artists and this framed print set was purchased at an early 90ís Grove Park Inn Conference.
All four prints are individually named, signed and numbered 17/100 by Kathleen.
Framed in quarter-sawn oak by FINE LINES, another early Arts & Crafts framer from the Grove Park.
The glass is Tru Vue Conservation Glass.
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5) The Rarest of Present Time Clocks

Jim Daileyís ever popular Bridge Clock and this is the actual clock used in all his ads a few years ago.
It is currently still shown on Facebook "at the Present Time".
Features a flat top with a coved under side on four tapered legs inset into the body of the clock.
Note the pendulum which swings back and forth behind a round glass window.
Crafted of book matched quarter-sawn oak finished medium reddish brown.
An absolutely beautiful clock and truly one of a kind.
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6) Brett of Craftsmen Studio is waiting for your order

Crafted of quarter-sawn oak with a choice of finishes, Brett is restarting his business and builds to order.
Shipped from Missouri, allow 4-6 weeks on the Tables and 6-8 weeks on the Morris Chairs for delivery.

3/8/2019 - WE ARE A TRADITION ! ! !