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3/28/2020 - Picture, Picture on the Wall!

Home bound?
A NEW Picture on the Wall will quickly improve your spirit.
Especially if the NEW Picture is a beautiful block print the result of the true practice of the Arts & Crafts aesthetic!

Fair Oak Workshops is fortunate to represent the 3 outstanding Block Print Artists listed below:


With a Studio in Brattleboro, Vermont, artist William Hays has been creating beautiful works of art for more than 40 years. As a teenager, he began painting in watercolors and somehow ended up with a degree in sculpture from the University of Alaska. After moving to Vermont in 1987, he concentrated on painting in oils until the 2007 onset of the recession when he began exploring the world of block prints. He now concentrates exclusively on block print making.
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An enthusiastic artist of Rochester, NY, Laura’s style fits perfectly into the aesthetic of the Arts & Crafts movement original and rekindled. A typical college art major with commercial illustrator and graphic artist experience, Laura was exposed to the work of the masters of the Arts & Crafts movement. She was stunned and exhilarated she had found an aesthetic that fit her personal style. Today Laura is a well known Roycroft Renaissance Master Artisan of Arts & Crafts Block Prints.
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Primarily an artist with her Studio in Tacoma, WA, Yoshiko has emerged over the years as a superb designer of greeting cards, block prints, posters and book covers. Her Japanese heritage provides the inspiration to capture the oriental aesthetic so sympathetic with, and complementary to, the art of the American Arts & Crafts Movement. Yoshiko has also co-authored a book with her husband Bruce Smith who is also both an author and lecturer on the Arts & Crafts movement.
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FREE is always a GOOD PRICE!
Don’t miss our website offer of two FREE educational Coloring Books:

These Coloring Books download as PDF’s which you can print for coloring. There is a choice of two books:
1) Art Nouveau designs for Adults featuring illustrations by Alphonse Mucha, M P Verneuil and Will Bradley.
2) Nursery Rhymes for Children illustrated by Francis Beford verses included!
The files are large so you will need a DropBox type method for downloading.
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If you need a brain teaser, we have two:

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As you can see, these puzzle designs are intense and will a challenge anyone to assemble. These puzzles are manufactured by our custom products shop Zazzle with whom you will place your order.

Cooped up indoors encourages you to want to redecorate?
We carry only the best Scottish Lace Curtains from Scotland

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Craftsmen Studios Accessory Furniture by Brett Johnson

The above two tables are in stock ready to ship!
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on Liberty 18-10 Celtic Pattern Flatware, the only 18-10 Stainless flatware made in the USA

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1/1/2020 - Purveyors of the Finest in Contemporary Arts & Crafts!