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3/23/2019 - Some Goodies!
Back in 2003 Craftsman Farms had a set of 3 tiles with verse cast by Motawi.
Then some were framed by Mitch Andrus (now MissionFurnishings.com) who at that time had his craft shop nearby in New Jersey.

The tile verses are:

Left/Top: A world of strife shut out and a world of love shut in
Middle: Sweet is the homecoming of eventide when welcome glows from heart and hearth
Right/Bottom: The lyf so short the craft so long to lerne.
The tiles are approximately 6” x 8” each
The quarter-sawn oak blind tenon frame has an outside dimension of 11 ˝” x 22 ˝“.
All 3 tiles are numbered 64/100.
There is a substantial hanging wire on the back; the assembly weighs 10 pounds.
A one of a kind framed tile set now long gone!
CLICK HERE to order.

We still have the Kathleen West framed set of 4 seasonal block prints

Here are the individual images (L to R: Spring thru Winter):

Kathleen West was the first of the block print artists exhibiting at the early annual Grove Park Inn Arts & Crafts Conferences.
There was always a buzz around her booth from which we purchased this rare framed set of 4 Seasonal Block prints all individually named, signed and numbered 17/100 by Kathleen.
This set of prints was framed in quarter-sawn oak by FINE LINES, another early Arts & Crafts exhibitor at the Grove Park Inn Conferences.
A true mark of quality, the glass is TruVue Conservation Glass.
You can CLICK HERE to order.
Again a one of a kind no longer available framed print set.

We think Jim Daley was the finest of the Arts & Crafts clock makers.
We drooled over this, the most notable of Present Time Clocks, as it is the actual clock Jim used used in all his magazine ads a few years ago.
It is still shown on Jim’s Facebook page: ‘at the Present Time’.

This clock was part of Jim’s ever popular Bridge Clock line which featured a flat top, four tapered legs inset into the body, a custom made face behind glass and a round glass window to watch the pendulum swing back and forth.
Crafted of book matched quarter-sawn oak finished medium reddish brown, this clock is an absolutely beautiful one of a kind clock.
CLICK HERE to order.

3/8/2019 - WE ARE A TRADITION ! ! !