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4/8/2020 - Shelter in Place Isnít Easy ! ! !
And Social Distancing has us bored to death.
We are all looking for creative things to do with our time.

Weíre back with some additional ideas:

1) LIBERTY TABLETOPíS "SUPPORT THE AMERICAN WORKER" by purchasing AMERICAN MADE FLATWARE reminds us of WWII posters where our working women encouraged us to STAY STRONG in our pursuit of winning the war (the men were all in uniform and either in Europe or the South Pacific).
The corona virus has been described as a war thus the WWII association.

Liberty Tabletop has expanded their monthly 15% discount on one of their patterns (Satin America) to all of their patterns thru the month of April!
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This cabbage painting sold before the paint was dry!
Eric the organic farmer let Laura visit his gardens and take photos.
Laura was amazed how beautiful the cabbages were just like the big blossoms of flowers.
Now we have the image reproduced as a giclee printed and sealed canvas and professionally gallery wrapped and available in 5 sizes!
The edges are black and the print arrives with a hanging wire ready to decorate your kitchen or breakfast nook!
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You neighborhood is becoming beautiful with Spring blossoms.
Make your view of the outdoors beautiful as well.
We suggest you upgrade your windows with our best woven in Scotland Lace Curtains.
Shipping is FREE! during the month of April!

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Are your rooms drab and lacking color?
Add some color with stencils:

Or if you are not interested in friezes and borders, we have designs that can be used on cabinet doors, window shades, pillows, placemats and even t-shirts!

During the month of April all our Helen Foster Stencils SHIP FREE!
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BTW, you can buy stenciling brushes and paints wherever Hobby Lobby or Michaels are open or online from dickblick.com.


Downloadable as printable PDF's using DropBox:
1) For Adults: Art Nouveau Featuring illustrations by Alphons Mucha, M.P. Verneuil and Will Bradley.
2) For Children: Nursery Rhymes illustrated by Francis Bedford; the Rhymes are also included.
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Our website allows us to continue to do business during this corona virus pandemic.
Our suppliers are still available to ship merchandise via UPS, FedEX or USPS.
But w need orders to help us survive the recession we are now in.
After 25 years of avoiding product that came from China, we also want to avoid losing our business to a virus that came from China!

1/1/2020 - Purveyors of the Finest in Contemporary Arts & Crafts!