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4/18/2015 - A GIFT FOR HER ON MOTHER’S DAY ! ! !
That’s right: Mother’s Day is ONLY THREE WEEKS from this weekend ! ! !

Flowers fade and candy disappears, BUT JEWELRY LASTS FOREVER ! ! !

We have two EXCLUSIVE designs of Pendants and Earrings by our Aurora Silversmith, Al Sleeper.


An Arts & Crafts style Double Heart Pendant hand-cut from 20 gauge Sterling Silver. The center heart is chased; the outer heart is hammered along the outer edge. Some repoussé is used to create depth. Marked with "STERLING", maker's mark and the double "R" Roycroft Renaissance mark. Hangs on a 20" STERLING SILVER rope chain. Available with or without the gold ball in the middle of the joined hearts. Also available are matching post style Earrings in two sizes with or without the gold ball.



Arts & Crafts style Hearts Pendant hand-cut from 20 gauge Sterling Silver. Each piece has three repoussé raised sections which create the appearance of depth. Marked with "STERLING", maker's mark and the double "R" Roycroft Renaissance mark. Hangs on a 20" STERLING SILVER rope chain. Available in 3 sizes: 3/4" x 3/4", 1" x 1" and 1 1/4" x 1 1/4". Also available are matching Earrings with either French Wire or Earring Posts.


Please order soon to give our Silversmith time to craft your selection and ship to you in time for Mother’s Day gifting!

At our request, Scott Draves, founder and owner of Door Pottery in Madison Wisconsin has designed, hand-thrown and decorated a Gruebyesque Vase EXCLUSIVELY for Fair Oak Workshops!

At 10 ½” tall, this vase is sure to please the pottery aficionado!

You can shop our selection of Door Pottery including this new vase by Clicking Here.

We recently visited with Scott in Madison and while there we raided his Studio Pottery shelf. Besides his production pieces, Scott also enjoys making special one of a kind pieces he can take to shows. Here are four such pieces:

Shown L to R above: Dancing Daffodils in a Dark Sage over Cucumber Green glaze, a Handled Vase with an interesting Red Chrome Drip glaze, a stunning Tall Grueby style Vase in a green Grueby like glaze and a Tall Watch Tower Vase in a Northern Lights Blue glaze. This latter vase is a one of a kind oversize version of a production piece.

Being Studio Pottery, we have ONLY ONE each of these vases.

If you Click Here and then click on the individual Studio Pottery images, you can see the bottom markings of each.

Critical to understanding the original Arts & Crafts movement in America!

The Roycroft Campus in East Aurora, NY; Craftsman Farms in Morris Plains, NJ; and Grand Rapids - Furniture City, home to many of the furniture companies that made so much of the collectible "mission" furniture. All three books are published by Arcadia Publishing in their "Images of America" series.

The books are $22.00 each but during the month of April we offer all three for $60. (Only a limited number of copies of Grand Rapids – Furniture City remain, so please order early if you want this book.)

Click Here to order.

These THREE BOOKS are loaded with photos and informative captions making them very enjoyable reading.

And Thursday, April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day!

About 1.5% of children in the United States (one in 68) are diagnosed with Autism as of 2014!

So more than likely, most of us know someone who is autistic. Autism is a neurodevelopment disorder which usually manifests itself within the first two years of a child’s life. The result is impaired social interaction, verbal and non verbal communication and restricted and repetitive behavior. Autism is highly inherited although there is also a suspected strong association with environmental factors. There is no known cure although behavioral, cognitive and speech intervention can help with the child’s development.

Garry Kvistad, founder and owner of Woodstock Chimes is a accomplished professional musician. He is also a partner along with others in the pursuit of research and treatment for Autism. Woodstock Chimes Autism Charitable Chime Program donates 100% of their wholesale after-tax profits to Autism research and treatment.

Meet Tyler who has autism and lives near Toronto, Canada. By far one of Woodstock Chimes' biggest fans, Tyler's musical acuity is so strong that when a musically-tuned Woodstock Chime is rung, he can identify it by name.

Tyler and his parents drove 8 hrs to visit Woodstock Chimes in upstate New York. Tyler flipped-out when he saw the testing area outside with hundreds of chimes being checked for weather-ability. Then Tyler ran up to Garry Kvistand and gave him a hug thus creating a commitment to develop an Autism Chime and contribute the profits to the research and treatment for Autism.

To view the Tyler story, CLICK HERE!

To honor Tyler and to support all those living with autism, Woodstock Chimes created the
Chimes for Autism

Click Here To Listen.

One aspect of autism is hypersensitivity to sound. Studies have found that music therapy can assist with some of the challenges attributed to autism. Mozart's music, in particular, has been a blessing for some individuals living with autism.

You can order the Woodstock Chimes for Autism and shop our additional selection of wind chimes by Clicking Here