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5/23/2020 - More Great Products by Great Craftsmen!
1) William Hays’ NEWEST BLOCK PRINT "Crescent Coast"!

Above left available as a 12" x 9" print or a matted and framed print in a choice of frames by Dard Hunter Studios, see website.
Above right is Hays’ 2nd most recent Block Print "Downeast", also a 12" x 9" print.
BOTH PRINTS have Limited Quantities available as Hays’ newest prints always sell quickly to galleries.
CLICK HERE to shop William Hays’ Block Prints.

2) We have Todd Hawkinson’s newest addition to his Jewelry Collection: Mackintosh!

to browse Todd’s Mackintosh and his Arts & Crafts and Celtic design Jewelry Collections.

Liberty was an essential business as a Military Supplier so this MADE IN AMERICA Flatware Sale was offered to provide income to help keep the factory running during the COVID19 shutdown.
Shown below our graphic artist created the image to help you better select your favorite of our 18 patterns.

CLICK HERE to select and order your favorite pattern.
This across the board discount ends May 31st and beginning June 1st we are back to one discounted pattern a month!

4) There is a 4 Day 20% Holiday Discount on
ALL our Helen Foster, Louis Sullivan and William Morris design Custom Products made by Zazzle.

To shop and order, click on the appropriate link below and choose the Zazzle made product of interest:
CLICK HERE to shop and order Helen Foster design Throw Pillows, Table Linens and Totes.
CLICK HERE to shop and order Louis Sullivan design Throw Pillows, Table Linens and Throws.
CLICK HERE to shop and order William Morris design Throw Pillows and Table Linens.
CLICK HERE to shop and order Face Masks with William Morris and Louis Sullivan designs.

These additional examples are Great Products by Great Craftsmen and there are more on our website.

We need to concentrate on our Arts & Crafts Craftsmen’s products to sustain them during this COVID19 pandemic Recession and what will likely be a slow financial recovery. These craftsmen are mostly self-employed men and women who are supporting a family with mouths to feed, a mortgage to pay, car payments and children to educate along with typical family health and welfare expenses. A recession period without orders will require these craftsmen to give up their craftsmanship and get a job to provide a steady reliable income.

Fair Oak Workshops has always prioritized supporting the American Craftsmen. We experienced the loss of several of our best Craftsmen during the great 2008-09 Recession. As a result, we are very concerned that if the Arts & Crafts community does not support our current Craftsmen during the COVID19 pandemic financial recovery, we can expect a repeated loss of accomplished craftsmen.

WE NEED ORDERS so we can patronize these craftsmen!

And as you begin to transition back to normal activity, ‘PLEASE STAY SAFE!’

1/1/2020 - Purveyors of the Finest in Contemporary Arts & Crafts!