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5/26/2018 - 5 OLDS and 1 END!
Memorial Day Holiday weekend often reminds us of our OLD family traditions. And then we END the weekend by adding decorative flowers to lift our spirit!

1) We still have a few Historical Arts & Castings items left over from last weekend. We have only one of each, so they are subject to prior sale.

Please Click Here to shop and order our final inventory of Historical Arts & Castings metalware.

2) We also have 3 remaining Common Ground Pottery pieces. Subject to prior sale, when they are gone so ends our Common Ground Pottery by Eric Olson.

Click Here to Shop and Order our COMMON GROUND POTTERY Final Clearance.

3) We have a single out of print rare hard to find complete set of the Frank Lloyd Wright 12 volume Monograph. Subject to prior sale.

Click Here for more information and to order.

4) Back in 2005-06 we offered a series of 8 Art Glass of the Prairie School stained glass panels exclusively created for us by our artist Jason Ackman. We currently have a few of two designs left in inventory and we are offering them at clearance prices. Subject to prior sale.

Click Here to shop and order.

5) Finally the END: Flowers!
Our Zazzle supplier of Helen Foster and Louis Sullivan design Pillows, Table Linens, Duvet Covers and Pillow Cases, Throws, Ceramic Tiles and Beverage Coasters are on sale over the Memorial Day Weekend at 25% OFF. If you have been coveting any of these items, this weekend is the time to order.

Click Here to shop and order our Helen Foster Stencil design items by Zazzle..

Click Here to shop and order our Louis Sullivan design items by Zazzle.