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7/4/2020 - Where It All Began!

244 years ago today, the document originally written by Thomas Jefferson and amended, was adopted by the Second Continental Congress in the Pennsylvania State House now know as Independence Hall. That’s why we celebrate the birthday of our country on July 4th. The document wasn’t signed however until August 2nd.
The unsigned copy of July 4th was reproduced and on July 5th copies were sent to the 13 colonies. On July 9th, George Washington himself read the document in front of City Hall in New York City following which a statue of King George III was torn down and melted and shaped into musket balls for the new American Army which had been skirmishing with the British Troops for over a year!
8 of the 56 subsequent signers were actually born in Britain and one signer subsequently withdrew his name and support for the revolution. The youngest signer was Edward Rutledge, 26, of South Carolina, the oldest was Benjamin Franklin, 70, of Pennsylvania.

Fair Oak Workshops has always prioritized supporting the American Craftsman. Our Craftsmen are earning a living with their craftsmanship. American Craftsmen are family men and women with families, mortgages, children to feed and educate, car payments and taxes to pay. We simply are obligated to support our American craftsmen if we expect and want them to continue their work! Fair Oak Workshops has never imported.

Reviewing our suppliers the images and descriptions below follow the sequence of our Home Page left hand column.

1) Carreaux du Nord Tiles are designed, pressed, glazed and fired in Wisconsin.

2) Our Maher Clocks were crafted to our design in Missouri.

3) Craftsmen Hardware metalware are hand-crafted in Missouri.

4) Craftsmen Studio is also hand-crafted in Missouri

5) Dard Hunter Studios quarter-sawn oak framing is done in Ohio using oak from Indiana to include Dard’s Weaver Welcome Tile that is crafted in Michigan.

6) Frank Lloyd Wright laser cut Lightboxes and Wood Art Glass design Screens by Light Wave Laser are made in upstate California.

7) Frank Lloyd Wright Cotton Throws by Uni-Art are woven in North Carolina.

8) Todd Hawkinson Jeweler crafts in Minnesota

9) William Hays Block Prints are designed, carved and printed in Vermont.

10) Helen Foster Stencils were laser cut in Massachusetts and her business purchased years ago by Fair Oak Workshops.

11) Laura Wilder Prints does her multi-media print artwork in upstate New York.

12) Liberty 18-10 Flatware is also manufactured in upstate New York exclusively using USA materials.

13) Louis Sullivan Chicago Stock Exchange Stencil Prints were Giclee printed on canvas and framed in Ohio.

14) Maine Woolens uses renewable fibers mostly from American growers and are woven and finished in Maine.

15) Mica Lamp Co manufactures its lamps in southern California.

16) Mission Statements are printed and framed in east central Pennsylvania.

17) Motawi Tiles are crafted in South-East Michigan and framed in Ohio.

18) Mottos by Signs of Life are carved and finished in upstate New York.

7/1/2020 - More Favorites!

Typically in the Summer we clear out old inventory to make room for the new items coming in for the following Holiday Season!
We are often surprised at what forgotten items we find!

1) We found a few more Carreaux du Nord Tiles.
Ned and Beth’s tiles are drop dead beautiful both in design and glaze!

We have 3 remaining White Oak (left above) and 1 Ginkgo Leaf Tiles available in Dard Hunter’s Oak Park frames as shown.
You can order the last of our Carreau du Nord Tiles HERE!

2) One of our most popular tiles for years has been the Weaver Ginkgo Welcome Tile framed by Dard Hunter Studios.

This striking tile makes an elegant statement for your entryway.
Framed in a 2” Oak Park style molding of quarter-sawn white oak and coated with a moisture-resistant finish, this Michigan made tile is framed and shipped from Ohio.
We have a limited quantity that you can ORDER HERE!
This framed tile is also both a great house warming and a very unique wedding or anniversary gift!

3) Every Arts & Crafts enthusiast is well aware of the famous Grueby ‘The Pines” Tiles c1906 by Addison Le Boutillier.
It was a series of 8 tiles with variants.
A single 6” original ‘The Pines’ Grueby tile just sold at auction last weekend for over $5,000!
Nawal Motawi, being the ceramic artist she is, would of course design her series of Landscape Tiles obviously inspired by the original Grueby ‘The Pine‘ tiles.
Every Arts & Crafts Collection shud have an original or contemporary example of this icon of the early Arts & Crafts Movement.

Shown above are the 3 versions of Motawi’s interpretation of Grueby’s ‘The Pines’.
CLICK HERE to shop and order Moatwi’s Landscape Tiles.

4) Framed Set of 4 Sullivan Upper Beam Stencil Tiles

A remastered Sullivan 1894 Chicago Stock Exchange Trading Room Ceiling Stencil design.
Please CLICK HERE! to order this last set of framed tiles.


When we first learned of Liberty from a customer, this was our first pattern pick to fit the Arts & Crafts aesthetic!
You can SHOP & ORDER HERE to order!

6) We have one each remaining of our Maher Mantle Clocks on Sale!

Shown above left the East Aurora Light Stain and right in the Darker Eastwood Stain both crafted by Brett Johnson of Craftsmen Studio in Missouri.
While quantities last CLICK HERE to order your Fair Oak Workshops custom designed Maher Mantle Clock at 20% OFF!

7) We encourage frequent visits to our Zazzle Custom Product Shops.
Fair Oak Workshops licenses the use of our designs on Zazzle’s proprietary products for which we earn a royalty.
We also get a commission for every Zazzle order coming from our website.
And Zazzle is constantly running discounts which can make frequent visits worthwhile.
The Zazzle Shops links on our website are highlighted here:

1/1/2020 - Purveyors of the Finest in Contemporary Arts & Crafts!