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6/15/2019 - 15% OFF Thru June Liberty Tabletop Flatware Combo Offer

A lifetime Wedding Gift
An Anniversary Gift for your favorite couple
A Retirement Gift
A Selfie Gift for your partner
An Award Gift for a Special Event
An early Holiday Gift

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6/12/2019 - NEW Framing !
We have now arranged to have William Hays Block Prints matted, framed and shipped by Dard Hunter Studios!

So besides just ordering a Hays print, you can now order your print selection matted and framed in a choice of 2 Dard Hunter frame styles, see examples below:

L to R above:
Horizontal Frames Sunshine Snowfall: Left is our Oak Park Frame, Right is our Century Frame.
Vertical Frames Autumn Field: Left is our Oak Park Frame, Right is our Century Frame.
The Oak Park Frame is Dard Hunter’s most affordable frame. Crafted of 2 inch flat quartersawn oak and finished using a 4 step process producing a beautiful Arts & Crafts looking frame for those wishing to have a nice, basic look without sacrificing top-quality materials and craftsmanship.
The Century Frame is constructed of 3 inch wide moulding with a slight bevel and elegant beading. Crafted of carefully selected quartersawn oak repeating the 4 step finishing process to produce a sophisticated presentation making the artwork look very important.
Please note the matted prints are all repeated the same size in the examples so as to show the difference in frame sizes.
Remember William Hays began his artistic career as an oil painter, so his block prints exhibit the fine detail you would find in his earlier paintings.
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6/11/2019 - WARNING ! ! !
Nothing says Summer better than Arts & Crafts Press Yoshiko’s Gamble House Glowing Lantern Block Print.

This very popular block print is almost sold out so if you want one, best to order it NOW!
This is an unusual 16 color block print; DON’T MISS OUT!
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6/1/2019 - Look at what’s new !
Several weeks ago we introduced our new Craftsman John Thiesen and his line of Adirondack Lighting Table Lamps.
We recognized at that time John has a bigger body of work and now we are back introducing some additional of his crafted items.

Thiesen Mission Style Furniture.
John builds Arts & Crafts Furniture due to need or by being intrigued to create a special design.
Here are 3 pieces he currently has in stock available for immediate shipment:

L to R above: A keyed tenon Nightstand, a Dragonfly Sofa Table and a Water Over the Bridge Coffee Table.
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Thiesen One-of-a-Kind Pieces
Sometime back John, being the craftsman he is, bought two wood slabs from a large felled maple tree.
Then adding to that he retrieved 3 Buffalo River pier posts and here is his One-of-a-Kind Coffee Table and Desk:

The Coffee Table at left would fit well into any American Craft movement or 20th Century furniture design décor.
The Desk at right is an entrepreneur’s delight which will speak volumes about his business skill!
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John’s craftshop is in the Roycroft East Aurora NY area which is a short distance southeast of Buffalo.
Until we know the location of the buyer, we are unable to estimate the shipping charge.
If you order, we WILL NOT CHARGE YOUR CREDIT CARD until we can quote actual shipping charges and YOU AGREE WE CAN ADD THAT SHIPPING CHARGE TO YOUR ORDER.

And if you missed John’s Adirondack Lighting Table Lamp presentation,
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5/22/2019 - Contemporary Tiffany Designs
Our personal collection of carefully selected Contemporary Tiffany Style Lamps were some of the best available.

Over time, I collected too many Contemporary Tiffany Lamps and once again its time to thin the herd.
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5/18/2019 - Supporting the American Craftsman!
We have added two new Adirondack Table Lamps:

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Block Print News:

Arts & Crafts Press newest "Waterlilies I" triptych is a Best Seller!

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Join Laura Wilder’s cult of "Summer Woods" and "Winter Woods" block print followers:

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