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5/16/2018 - Historical Arts & Casting Inventory Find
Historical Arts & Casting discontinued their Signature Collection of Louis Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright Collection® and Robert Jarvie cast-metal reproductions about 10 years ago. Fair Oak Workshops secreted some of the pieces to the back of our inventory shelves which we have now just rediscovered.

PLEASE NOTE: We have only one of each of the following:

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Left to right above:
1) Schlesinger & Mayer Store Medallion (Carson Pirie Scott) elevator door grilles, a design by Louis Sullivan (1856-1924 Chicago) as part of his famous ornamentation of that famous Chicago State St Department Store.
2) Frank Lloyd Wright Collection® half scale Heritage Henredon Four Square Vase, a Wright favorite half size decorative Weed Holder and a quarter size copy of his famous Urn. All three pieces are in pewter and are sold as a 3 piece set.
3) Frank Lloyd Wright Collection® Candlestick/Vase, a Wright design probably never executed. This unique piece has a glass tube insert to make it a small flower vase and a bobeche to convert it to a candlestick.. Sold as a pair. Two glass tubes and two bobeche are included.
4) A Robert Jarvie (1865-1941 Chicago) bronze Omicron Two Branch Candlestick which is actually an Art Nouveau design. Features two teardrop candleholders attached to arms in candelabra fashion. Includes two bobeche.
5) Another Jarvie Omicron except a Three Branch Candlestick. Three bobeche are included.
6) Using the Jarvie Kappa candlestick design this is a Four Branch plus center 5th Candelabra. Five bobeche are included.

The Historical Arts & Castings items shown above were cast and finished in South Jordan, Utah.

An example of Fair Oak Workshops preference for Made in America contemporary Arts & Crafts!

5/15/2018 - Common Ground Pottery Final Clearance
We were saddened to hear our friend Eric Olson shut down his Common Ground Pottery website and business early last year. We have always admired his hand thrown, incised and beautifully decorated Arts & Crafts Pottery. His Calla Lily designs were our favorites and we sold several batches of them to our customers keeping a few examples in our collection. Now it’s time to let them go!

PLEASE NOTE: We have only one of each of the following:

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Left to right above:
1) Common Ground Pottery 12 ¾" Tall Calla Lily Vase
2) Common Ground Pottery 9" Flared Top Calla Lily Vase
3) Common Ground Pottery 8 ¾" Bulbous Calla Lily Vase
4) Another Common Ground Pottery 8 ½" Bulbous Calla Lily Vase
5) Common Ground Pottery 11" Calla Lily Vase
6) A Common Ground Pottery 12" Calla Lily Bowl
7) A Common Ground Pottery 12 ½" Charger

The Common Ground Pottery were thrown, decorated and fired in Vero Brach, FL.

Another example of Fair Oak Workshops preference for Made in America contemporary Arts & Crafts!