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Today is National Public Lands Day when the National Park Service invites “Lend a Hand to the Land” while offering Free Admission and Special Events. Throughout the country, about 200,000 people will participate in 2,500 National Public Land Day events.

Public lands belong to all of us and on this day volunteer help will contribute thousands of hours of work de-littering the grounds, repairing a horse trail, preserving an earthworks or restoring a tall grass prairie as examples. Volunteers receive a voucher for a subsequent Free Admission to a National Park on a day of their choice.

“In Wildness is the preservation of the World” was a favorite lecture theme of Henry David Thoreau, a champion of public lands, so this motto is very much in support of today’s volunteer efforts:

We are introducing additional Wisdom In Wood mottos in support of outdoor activity. They include famous quotes of Thoreau and John Muir.

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PLEASE ALSO NOTE new additional motto #049 is in response to our most requested:

A tenet of the Arts & Crafts philosophy, this quote was the motto of Gustav Stickley’s magazine “Craftsman“ first published in 1901.

9/9/2016 - The Majestic Beauty of Trees!

Joyce Kilmer's 1914 poem "Trees" says it best:


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