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6/27/2015 - CELEBRATING THE JULY 4th WEEKEND ! ! !
Buy patriotic: our Frank Lloyd Wright Collection® items are all made in the USA!

NOW thru the July 4th weekend we are discounting all our Frank Lloyd Wright Collection® items 15%!

The discount applies to the (L to R above) Fank Lloyd Wright Collection® Vases, Wood Art Glass Elements, Wood Lightboxes and framed Motawi Tiles as well as all the additional Frank Lloyd Wright Collection® items.

CLICK HERE to shop and order.

Discounting our Frank Lloyd Collection® is a very rare event so don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

6/19/2015 - HOT WEATHER SPECIALS ! ! !

We have three new HOT WEATHER SPECIALS for your review:

1) A NEW Small Gruebyesque vase from Door Pottery:

CLICK HERE to shop and order.

2) NEW Poster Prints from Laura Wilder:

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CLICK HERE for book descriptions and to order.

Sunday is the longest day of the year and Summer has officially begun!

6/13/2015 - MEET OUR NEW ARTIST ! ! !

Introducing Colorado artist Julie Leidel who both paints and creates digital art!

How can anyone not love the mountain scenery of Colorado, the beauty of the Grand Canyon and Mount Rushmore and be inspired by some Ruskin quotes?

CLICK HERE to view Julie’s work.

Since Sunday, June 14 is Flag Day, Julie’s Mount Rushmore drawing is also very timely!

6/8/2015 - GRAB‘EM BEFORE THEY’RE GONE! ! ! !
As you probably know, our favorite accessory furniture craftsman Brett Johnson stopped accepting new orders as of April 1.

All orders received before April 1 have been shipped with multiple customers commenting how pleased they were with Brett's craftsmanship.

Brett is currently doing contractor work and remains uncertain if an when he might resume building furniture.

Brett has 2 pieces of furniture remaining in inventory which he is allowing us to sell, CLICK HERE to shop and order.

These pieces are currently in Brett’s final inventory and are available for immediate shipment from Missouri.

If you like one of these pieces, we suggest you order promptly as there is ONLY ONE of each available!