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7/20/2019 - Christmas in July Savings!
Celebrating Christmas in July is a little bit of a light-hearted gifting celebration to help everyone survive what has turned out to be a very hot Summer!

So Thursday July 25th is Christmas in July at Fair Oak Workshops!

Now thru Thursday, 7/25 EVERYTHING on our website is 15% OFF to include all of our products from all our suppliers including Zazzle.
We are extending our Garage Sale Cleanup thru 7/25 also offering those items at the additional 15% OFF!

All the prices have already been computer discounted by 15%!

This is your chance to purchase anything you want at 15% OFF.
Need a Birthday, Wedding or Anniversary gift?
Buy that item you’ve always wanted.
Plan your Autumn/Winter décor spruce-up; it starts in only 6-8 weeks!
Plan and start your Holiday Shopping early.

Christmas in July ends Thursday evening, 7/25!


7/17/2019 - Arts & Crafts Garage Sale Cleanup!
Some of the items are leftover from the previous Fair Oak Workshops Garage Sale and some of the items are additional inventory finds!
Subject to prior sale, we will honor prices on these Sale items now extended thru Thursday, July 25th.

You can shop and buy at our Garage Sale by CLICKING HERE

Shown L to R above are:
1) Levenger Expandable Book Rack
2) Real antique Jarvie Zeta Candlestick
3) Arts & Crafts Clock of unknown origin (battery operated mechanism)
4) Pair of Haeger Frank Lloyd Wright design Pinnacle Vases (Green & Red glazes)
5) Framed Sullivan Set of 4 Tiles (Chicago Stock Exchange Upper Beam Stencil Design)
6) Prairie style Photo Stand (7x10 Photo)
7) Stickley Style Revolving Book Rack (nicely holds CD’s!)
8) Pair of Prairie style Light Stands with cord switch.
You can shop and buy at our Garage Sale by CLICKING HERE

If anything is left, this Garage Sale Cleanup ends Thursday, July 25th at 11 PM EDT.

7/14/2019 - Contemporary Tiffany Lamps

Final Price Reduction Contemporary Tiffany Designs!

To Shop and Order, please CLICK HERE.

7/13/2019 - SUMMERTIME ! ! !
It is Summertime so it’s time to live easy!

May we suggest its time hang a Summertime Block Print by one of our artists (click on any image below to shop our block prints by that artist):

William Hays, a Vermont adoptee and former oil painting artist. William tried linocut block printing to survive the 2007-09 recession. It ended up becoming his artistic vernacular!

Shown above is block print Summer Falls in a Century frame by Dard Hunter Studios.

Laura Wilder of upstate New York was a college art major working as a commercial illustrator where she encountered and fell in love with the Arts & Crafts aesthetic. Laura is now a Roycroft Renaissance Master Artisan working in several media but is best known for her block prints.

Shown above is block print Lake View framed in Laura’s Mission Style Frame (MSF).

Yoshiko Yamamoto of Arts & Crafts Press is Japanese married to author Bruce Smith and they are raising their family in the Seattle WA area. Yoshiko’s artistic skills are conveyed as Arts & Crafts designed Greeting Cards, Block Prints, Posters and Book Covers all of which include her soft oriental touch.

Shown above is the Gamble House block print Glowing Lantern in a custom Dard Hunter Frame.

7/10/2019 - Sophisticated Arts & Crafts Decor!
Fair Oak Workshops has opened a NEW Zazzle store featuring the Brother Rabbit design printed on Throw Pillows, Table Napkins, Placemats, Table Runners, Pillow Cases, Duvet Covers, Wall Hangings and Shower Curtains all available in 6 colorways!

Here are the 8 different products:

L to R above: Throw Pillows in all 6 colors, Table Napkin in Red & White, Placemats in Black & White, Table Runner in 2 Tone Blue, Pillow Case in 2 Tone Coffee, Duvet Cover in 2 Tone Indigo, Wall Hanging in 2 Tone Coffee and Shower Curtain 2 Tone Coffee.

Here are the 6 color ways:

Shower Curtain colors L to R above: 2 Tone Indigo, 2 Tone Coffee, Red & White, Black & White, Baby Blue & White and 2 Tone Blue.

CLICK HERE to shop and order Fair Oak Workshops William Morris Brother Rabbit design Zazzle products.

Fair Oak Workshops uses Zazzle as a supplier who arranges the manufacture of Fair Oak Workshops designs on Zazzle products. Fair Oak Workshops uses Zazzle to supply Throw Pillows, Table Linens, Pillow Cases and Duvet Covers, Ceramic Tiles, Stone Coasters, Throws, Wall Hangings and Shower Curtains.

Fair Oak Workshops now has three Zazzle Stores: Helen Foster, Louis Sullivan and our new William Morris designs.
CLICK HERE to shop and order a Fair Oak Workshops Helen Foster design Zazzle product.
CLICK HERE to shop and order a Fair Oak Workshops Louis Sullivan design Zazzle product.

When you order a Zazzle product from Fair Oak Workshops, you are linked directly to Zazzle who processes the order, arranges manufacture of the item and has their supplier ship to you. For using the Fair Oak Workshops designs, Zazzle pays Fair Oak Workshops a royalty for using the design and a commission for the order.

Fair Oak Workshops items produced by Zazzle are manufactured in the USA of domestic and imported materials.