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8/12/2017 - ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT!
And this NEVER happens!

Today thru Friday August 18th

CLICK HERE to shop our 17 patterns of Cooper Lace Curtains.

PLEASE NOTE: To avoid the disappointment of backorders, this discount ONLY applies to our most popular curtain size 33” x 54”.

Most early 20th century American Bungalows were built featuring single or double hung windows. The bottom or bottom and top sashes could easily be raised or lowered to match the preferred air circulation with the outdoors. This window pattern was also common with Arts & Crafts, Cape Cod, smaller Colonial, Cottage, Craftsman, smaller Federal and Georgian, Greek Revival, Queen Anne and smaller Victorian style houses. Thus the popularity of our 33” x 54” lace panel size.

Please continue to watch our email and website for the two remaining Dog Days of August weekly promotions.
And also PLEASE NOTE: to give our Dog Days of August a weekend start, our promotion weeks are Saturday thru Friday.

It only happens once a year! And we propose increasing your summer enjoyment with:

1) A choice of Block Prints by Laura Wilder:

L to R: "Hiawatha Lake", "Sunlit Stream" and "Summer Woods II"
You can shop and order Laura’s Block Prints Here

2) One of Laura Wilders attractively priced framed ‘mini-prints’:

L to R: "Basswood Canopy", "The Gardener" and "Summer Woods II"
You can shop and order Laura’s framed ‘mini-prints’ Here

3) A framed Medicine Bluff Tile:

L to R: "Cardinal", "Soft Landing Goldfinch", "Night Owl" and "Peacock Standing Too"
You can shop and order framed Medicine Bluff Tiles Here

4) A framed motto:

L to R: "Today’s mighty oak is just yesterday’s nut that held it’s ground", "All gardeners live in beautiful places because they make them so" and "For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is…"
You can shop and order from our selection of framed mottos Here

5) A carved motto board:

L to R: Signs of Life #16 "When the World Wearies" and Wisdom in Wood #022 "Live in the Sunshine"
You can shop and order from our selection of carved motto boards Here

6) What could be more summer than our new framed William Morris Strawberry Thief giclee print?

A Fair Oak Workshops EXCLUSIVE
You can shop and order our framed William Morris Strawberry Thief giclee print Here

Soon the summer heat will be gone and the family summer events just a memory.
Hang one of our summer motifs above and years from now you will be reminded of the Summer of 2017!
And in the meantime don’t swallow too many watermelon seeds!