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8/18/2018 - Heeeeee's Back!

Brett Johnson, perhaps the best craftsman Fair Oak Workshops has ever represented is now back in business on a limited basis.
Brett had previously closed his Craftsmen Studio in 2015 so he could personally focus on carpentry in refinishing a lakeside house he and his wife had bought.

His re-entry craftsmanship is a half dozen of what were his previous most popular pieces:

Shown L to R above: Brett’s own design Pagoda Coffee Table, Limbert #240 Tabourret (available in two top sizes), Limbert #239 Tabourret, and his very popular L&JG Morris Style Rocker (available upholstered in a choice of three leathers).

You can Shop Brett’s work and Order Here.

Shown above is Brett working on a production run of the Limbert #240 Tabourret. Brett is a young self taught craftsman of north central Missouri. Brett has an uncanny sense of the Arts & Crafts aesthetic and philosophy designing and hand-crafting furniture pieces in quarter-sawn white oak. Partnering with his father-in-law Chis Efker of Craftsmen Hardware (lighting and hammered copper hardware), Brett has been a frequent Contemporary Craftsmen dealer at the February Grove Park Inn Arts & Crafts Conference in Asheville, NC.

We hope you agree it’s great to welcome Brett back to our website!

8/18/2018 - HURRY - OFFER ENDS SOON!


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This sale is a rare opportunity that won’t happen again, so don’t miss out!


Our selling shelf clearing old inventory has been so successful, our accountant is now on a mission. I’m never quite sure if he’s friend or foe?

We have more Historical Arts & Castings items to offer:

1) A complete set of Jarvie Candlesticks:

Shown L to R above: Alpha, Beta, Delta, Iota, Kappa, Lamda, MU and Theta Candlesticks being sold as pairs plus our two remaining single Omicron Two Branch Candlestick and the Kappa Candelabra.

You can shop and order HERE!

These reproduction ‘sticks’ are very accurate causing antique dealers to complain they could be mistaken for originals. Not available now for over 10 years, these ’sticks’ rarely go by on eBay or at auction.

2) A VERY RARE set of Frank Lloyd Wright Weed Holders and a Copper Urn.

These accurate Historical Arts & Casting reproductions are probably your only opportunity to own these pieces since the originals rarely go at auction and when they do, they hammer at a prices that could buy a mansion.

You can shop and order the Weed Holders and Copper Urn by CLICKING HERE!