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1/18/2020 - Eliminate the Winter Doldrums!
Shopping usually solves the problem and doing it online in the warm comfort of home makes it even better!

We actually have two craftsman Table Lamp builders!

L to R above: Table Lamp 1 and Table Lamp 5 both in White Oak with Mica Shades and Table Lamp 6 in an unusual Birchbark Base also with a Mica Shade.
Click Here to shop the Table Lamps by Adirondack Craftsman Lighting.

Since you spend more time indoors, Winter is always the best time to redecorate.

L to R above: Imported beautiful Scottish Lace by Cooper Lace Curtains: a Bradbury & Bradbury Art Deco pattern, a C F A Voysey Bellflower pattern and a Gustav Stickley Craftsman pattern.
Click Here to shop our Cooper Store of imported Scottish Lace curtains.

Our consigned collection of out-of-production Ephraim Pottery is now down to the final 3 pieces with prices reduced from 1/3rd to HALF OFF!:

L to R above: Unity Bridge Vase, Wispy Wheat Cabinet Vase and a Mystery Vase with an actual Kevin Hicks signature!
Click Here to view and order one of our remaining Ephraim Vases.

Regardless, it’s the dead of Winter and you’re cold!

L to R above are Maine Woolens Cashmere, Belfast and Seacoast Blend Blankets and Throws.
Click Here to shop our selection of Maine Woolens Blankets and Throws!

Have you ever taken a good look at our Mission Statements?

L to R above: Our most popular Mission Statements are: “Fences“, the famous “Life So Short and the Craft So Long To Learn” and the by far most popular William Morris quote “Have Nothing In Your House That You Do Not Know To Be Useful Or Believe to be Beautiful“.
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And don’t forget we have custom products made for us by Zazzle to include a 25% OFF Sale now thru Monday:

L to R above: Beautiful Throw Pillows with Helen Foster Stencils Designs, Table Linens with Louis Sullivan Chicago Stock Exchange Trading Room Stencil Designs and an assortment of Ceramic Tiles with Helen Foster, Louis Sullivan and William Morris Designs as featured in the current issue of Old House Journal.
Click Here to shop our custom Helen Foster Stencil Design products on Zazzle. .
Click Here to shop our custom Louis Sullivan Chicago Stock Exchange Design products on Zazzle.
Click Here to shop our custom Ceramic Tiles with Helen Foster, Louis Sullivan and William Morris designs on Zazzle.

1/5/2020 - NEW CLOCKS !
New designs EXCLUSIVE to Fair Oak Workshops!

Stencil Wall Clocks!
Our Arts & Crafts design is attractive, affordable and will look great in the kitchen, bath, powder room, den, hall or any nook or cranny.

Shown L to R above: Stencil Wall Clocks Prairie Frieze and Rose Frieze.
These Wall Clocks use Fair Oak Workshops proprietary Helen Foster Stencil designs carved into quarter-sawn oak Motto Boards by our Signs of Life Motto supplier.
The third clock is a Dard Hunter Rose design by Signs of Life Mottos.
The designs are then stain finished like a Motto Board.
The clock insert is a friction fit in the hole provided.
The board has a key slot in the back for hanging.
The quartz clock has an almost silent clicking second hand and is battery operated with a 1.5 volt “N” size long life medical battery (included).

CLICK HERE to order one of our NEW Stencil Wall Clocks.

And if you missed our other NEW Fair Oak Workshops EXCLUSIVE
Mantle Clocks!

you can CLICK HERE to take a look or to order.

3/8/2019 - PROUDLY ! ! !