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My Sunday church service ends with the above refrain!

Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, areas of Africa; will it ever end?

Our block print artist Yoshiko Yamamoto was born and raised in Japan so for her, the observance of the August 6th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima is a solemn occasion. Last year Yoshiko and her family attended the Seattle area floating Peace Lantern ceremony "From Hiroshima to Hope" which advocates world peace and opposes warfare and violence.

Yoshiko subsequently created a block print depiction of the ceremony and yes, that‘s Yoshiko’s 6 yr old daughter launching the paper lantern.

This block print was hand-carved by Yoshiko who then had to make an additional 13 polymer color relief blocks to create the beautiful night time scene.

This is a 14 color limited edition of only 180 signed and numbered prints with the first 50 donated to the "From Hiroshima to Hope" event organizers to help fund the annual Seattle event.

Available matted or matted and framed in quarter-sawn oak by Dard Hunter Studios.

How fitting a memorial for the past and how appropriate an inspiration for the future!

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6/7/2014 - NEW ! ! ! Framed MEDICINE BLUFF 4" x 8" TILES
John Beasley, sculpture artist and ceramic tile maker of Medicine Bluff Tile in Cincinnati:

Shown L to R above are Medicine Bluff Tiles Bald Eagle, Cardinal, Chickadee, Goldfinch and Night Owl shown in Dard Hunter Studios' quarter-sawn oak frames.

Of particular note, all the Medicine Bluff Tiles are 3-dimensional which is somewhat hard to see on a 2-dimensional PC screen. Pressed from John’s 3-dimensional sculptures, the birds look ready to jump right off the frame.

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