Liberty Tabletop
Heritage Cedarcrest Pattern
18-10 Stainless
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Click here to view a larger picture The Heritage line of flatware by Liberty Tabletop is positioned to set the standard for fine bridal quality flatware in the industry. The line is benchmarked to provide a superior value when compared with similar products offered in the high-end bridal sections of major department stores. The forks, spoons and serving pieces are made from the finest 18-10 stainless to ensure decades of luster and the knives are hollow handle design. Patterns range from traditional to modern and are all finished to our highest quality standard.

Cedarcrest has slender parallel lines elegantly running down the center of each piece creating a subtle vertical accent that is both appealing and understated. Cedarcrest is created slightly larger than traditional American sizing, providing it with excellent weight and feel. This pattern is well suited for a variety of tabletop themes and will easily transition from every day use to more formal occasions.

ALL Liberty Tabletop 18-10 Stainless Flatware is manufactured in upstate New York entirely of USA materials!


Heavy weight
18-10 stainless
Best in industry finishing standards
Hollow handle knife construction w/serrated blade
Dishwasher safe
100% Made In USA
Dinner Knife 9 1/2″ 2.7 oz
Dinner Fork 8″ 2.2 oz
Salad Fork 7″ 1.6 oz
Place Spoon 7″ 1.8 oz
Teaspoon 6 1.3 oz
Bevrge Spoon 7 1/4" 1.4 oz
Steak Knife 9" 2.3 oz
Serv Spoon 8" 2.8 oz
Prced Spoon 8" 2.5 oz
Sugar Spoon 6" 1.3 oz
Butter Knife 7" 1.3 oz
Cold Meat Frk 8 1/4" 2.0 oz
Ladle 7 1/4" 3.0 oz
Servall 9 3/8" 3.1 oz
Casserole Sp 8 1/2" 3.6 oz

Dinner Knife shown to provide pattern detail.

Ordering details:

Place Setting: Dinner & Salad Forks, Place Spoon & Teaspoon, Dinner Knife

20 pc Set*: 4 Place Settings

45 Pc Set*: 8 Place Settings + 1 Server Set

65 pc set*: 12 Place Settings + a Server Set

Serving Set: Cold Meat Fork, Serving Spoon, Pierced Serving Spoon, Sugar Spoon, Butter Knife

Hostess Set: Set of Casserole Spoon, Servall and Ladle

Beverage Spoons: Set of 4 Beverage Spoons

Steak Knives: Set of 4 Steak Knives

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This Pattern is discounted 10% thru Sunday, August 1st.
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  Liberty Tabletop
5 pc Cedarcrest Place Setting
Shown Upper Right
Reg $45.95
  $41.35  ---
  Liberty Tabletop
20 pc Cedarcrest Place Settings
Reg $129.95
  $116.95 Free
  Liberty Tabletop
45 pc Cedarcrest Place Settings
Reg $269.95
  $242.95 Free
  Liberty Tabletop
65 pc Cedarcrest Place Settings
Reg $359.95
  $323.95 Free
Liberty Tabletop
Cedarcrest Server Set
Reg $49.95
  $44.95  ---
Liberty Tabletop
Cedarcrest Hostess Set
Reg $49.95
  $44.95  ---
Liberty Tabletop
Cedarcrest Set of 4 Iced Tea Spoons
Reg $29.95
  $26.95  ---
  Liberty Tabletop
Cedarcrest Set of 4 Soup Spoons
Reg $29.95
  $26.95  ---
Liberty Tabletop
Cedarcrest Set of 4 Steak Knives
Reg $49.95
  $44.95  ---
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