Liberty Tabletop
Sherrill Home Calavera Pattern
18-10 Stainless
Click here to view a larger picture The Sherrill Home flatware collection is full of some of our most unique designs. We know that you have a great personality, so why shouldn’t your flatware reflect that! Made from the same quality stainless steel as all our other flatware, Sherrill Home patterns are as durable as they are fun! Our unique styles allow you to express yourself within the comfort of your own home. So whether you’re spicing up your dinner table with Holidays, celebrating your heritage with Celtic, or simply bringing some natural beauty into your kitchen with American Garden, Liberty Tabletop has you covered!

This is not your average run-of-the-mill flatware pattern! Inspired by contemporary art and design, this bold pattern recognizes a new age of flatware buyers whose lifestyle and taste has evolved from the traditional styles of the past 150 years. Calavera, meaning “skull” in Spanish, is 100% Made in the USA by an enthusiastic workforce committed to providing you with the best flatware in the market place. Guaranteed!

ALL Liberty Tabletop 18-10 Stainless Flatware is manufactured in upstate New York entirely of USA materials!


Heavy weight
18-10 stainless best in industry finishing standards
Solid knife handle with a serrated blade
Dishwasher safe
100% Made In USA
Dinner Knife 9″ 3.9 oz
Dinner Fork 8 1/4″ 1.8 oz
Salad Fork 7″ 1.4 oz
Place Spoon 7 1/8″ 1.4 oz
Teaspoon 6” 1.3 oz
Serv Spoon 8 1/2" 2.6 oz
Prced Spoon 8 1/2" 2.5 oz
Sugar Spoon 5 7/8" 1.3 oz
Butter Knife 6 3/8" 0.9 oz
Cold Meat Frk 8 1/2" 2.1 oz
Bevrge Spoon 7 1/2"

Dinner Knife shown to provide pattern detail.

Ordering details:

Place Setting: Dinner & Salad Forks, Place Spoon & Teaspoon, Dinner Knife

20 pc Set: 4 Place Settings

45 pc set*: 8 Place Settings + a Server Set

65 pc set*: 12 Place Settings + a Server Set

Serving Set: Cold Meat Fork, Serving Spoon, Pierced Serving Spoon, Sugar Spoon, Butter Knife

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Picture Name  Size   Quantity  Price   Additional
  Liberty Tabletop
5 pc Calavera Place Setting
Reg $25.95
  $22.05  ---
  Liberty Tabletop
20 pc Calavera Place Settings
Reg $89.95
  $76.45  ---
  Liberty Tabletop
45 pc Calavera Place Settings1
Reg $159.95
  $135.95 Free
  Liberty Tabletop
65 pc Calavera Place Settings
Reg $199.95
  $169.95 Free
  Liberty Tabletop
Calavera Server Set
Reg $29.95
  $25.45  ---
  Liberty Tabletop
Calavera Set of 4 Iced Tea Spoons
Reg 19.95
  $16.95  ---
  Liberty Tabletop
Calavera Set of 4 Soup Spoons
Reg $19.95
  $16.95  ---
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