When you decide to purchase Liberty Tabletop flatware, you’re not only choosing an item that will be an elegant addition to your home, you’re choosing products that you will literally use every day. You want to know what you’re using is safe for you and your family. After all, you don’t just handle your flatware; you put it in your mouth! As such, you want to know that it doesn’t contain any chemicals or contaminants that could be harmful, and you also want flatware that will last and look beautiful now and for years to come. At Liberty Tabletop, we work hard to provide you with a Made in USA product that’s beautiful and provides you with the quality you expect. And, we’ve taken measures to ensure that you not only have a safe, attractive flatware product, but your also getting an excellent value versus the imports.

When you choose Liberty Tabletop, you’re choosing a company that believes in growing our national economy, providing career jobs to people in our community and preserving the craft of flatware manufacturing and tool making. Liberty Tabletop is also socially conscious – we know that foreign companies don’t follow the same rigorous standards as we do here in the United States, and often resort to child labor and prison labor to cut costs. In many countries abuse of workers and unsafe conditions for workers in terms of health and safety are common. We’re a part of the movement of people who are not willing to support such activities with our spending or our manufacturing process, and we’re as good as our word – we use products in our manufacturing process, such as steel & packaging, which are also made in the United States. In addition we hire firms (accounting, legal, marketing) that are local, so we can keep the dollars flowing in our local economy. Remember, every time a factory closed and production was shipped to Asia it was not only the workers at the factory that lost their jobs, but also the workers for companies that supplied them with raw materials down to the pizza shop across the street that fed them lunch.

For Liberty Tabletop, what we do every day is so much more than produce excellent-quality flatware – we keep jobs and money right in our community, so we can help encourage economic growth.

At Liberty Tabletop, it’s all about the people – we recognize our most valuable assets are our employees, as well as our satisfied customers. We believe when you choose to purchase your flatware from us, you will be amazed by the quality, pleased with the price, and satisfied with a product you can enjoy now – and for years to come. Let us provide you with heirloom flatware you can be proud to pass down to the next generation.

A Helpful Hint: Liberty Tabletop Flatware is quality priced into 4 categories:

LUX (Mallory & Prestige Patterns): The LUX line by Liberty Tabletop offers our heaviest weight and most finely polished flatware pieces. The individual pieces within each pattern are larger dimensionally than traditional American flatware designs. Great attention is paid to the smallest of details from polishing in between fork tines to inspection for slight surface imperfections. The forks, spoons and serving pieces are made from the finest 18-10 stainless to ensure decades of luster. The LUX knives feature an 18-10 hollow handle, in the tradition of fine sterling flatware making, with our best, hardened stainless steel blade. The LUX line meets or exceeds the highest industry quality standards and truly shines when compared to similar products found in high-end department and high-end specialty retail stores.

Heritage (Cedarcrest, Classic Rim, Lexington, Liberty, Lincoln, Pearl, Pinehurst & Weave Patterns): The Heritage line of flatware by Liberty Tabletop is positioned to set the standard for fine bridal quality flatware in the industry. The line is benchmarked to provide a superior value when compared with similar products offered in the high-end bridal sections of major department stores. The forks, spoons and serving pieces are made from the finest 18-10 stainless to ensure decades of luster and the knives are hollow handle design. Patterns range from traditional to modern and are all finished to our highest quality standard.

Sherrill Home (American Garden, Calavera, Celtic, Holidays & Woodstock Patterns): The Sherrill Home flatware collection is full of some of our most unique designs. We know that you have a great personality, so why shouldn’t your flatware reflect that! Made from the same quality stainless steel as all our other flatware, Sherrill Home patterns are as durable as they are fun! Our unique styles allow you to express yourself within the comfort of your own home. So whether you’re spicing up your dinner table with Holidays, celebrating your heritage with Celtic, or simply bringing some natural beauty into your kitchen with American Garden, Liberty Tabletop has you covered!

SMI (Candra, Providence & Satin Annapolis Patterns): The SMI line has been designed to be affordable for those who still want quality flatware without compromising metal quality and durability. Made from the same high quality 18-10 stainless as our other product lines, the SMI line is designed in a mix of Euro sizing and traditional American flatware sizes. The one-piece forged knife is heavy weight in the handle. The SMI line is designed to be used every day, is dishwasher safe and will maintain its luster for decades.

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