Long before Maine became famous for its lobster, it was known for all the textile mills located along the rivers and in the small towns that crisscross the state. People all over Maine depended on the mills for their livelihoods; loved their jobs; and considered their fellow workers as family.

Because textile excellence in the 21st Century requires heightened respect for the environment, Maine Woolens is committed to using whenever possible - renewable natural fibers from American growers, which are then woven and finished in Maine.

Maine Woolens is a locally owned textile mill producing renewable fiber blankets, throws, and baby blankets, in wool, cotton, specialty fibers, and blends. Fibers woven by Maine Woolens include natural premium grade sheep's wool (from American growers); natural cotton; bamboo (a natural anti-bacterial fiber); and many blends of fibers.

Blankets and throws woven from these fibers and blends are soft and luxurious to the touch, and cozy warm or comfortably light, depending on the fiber, blend, and weight selected.

The blankets are easily cared for because they are 100% machine washable.

Maine Woolens employs local weavers, sewers, and dyers whose combined textile experience exceeds 300 years! Located in Brunswick Maine, the 9,000 square foot textile mill was expanded in late 2012, and now has 15,000+ square feet. The present count of 6 power looms is growing to 10 or more looms. Maine Woolens also has a complete in-house finishing facility.

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