Meet Al Sleeper, The (East) Aurora Silversmith

"The standard set by craftsmen is a decision that affects his longevity."

The Aurora Silversmith is a one-person studio that specializes in the Arts & Crafts Style. I design all of the pieces that I make. I do not do reproductions. Working in Copper, Sterling Silver or Gold, each piece is made by hand to the best of my ability. It is guaranteed against faulty workmanship for the rest of my working life.

Each piece is marked for quality of metal and the maker’s mark. My early makers mark was a tooled “S”. On request, many of my early pieces were also marked with the original Roycroft single “R”. I presently own that original single Roycroft “R” mark as a trade mark in metals in New York State. I use it once a year on a Limited Edition of 200 pieces that are signed and numbered.

I am presently a Master Roycroft Artisan (since 1977) and use the Double “R” with a maker’s mark which today is my initials as designed by Rixford Jennings, the son of Walter Jennings.

My history of metalsmithing began while a young teen in East Aurora, NY. I would visit a local gift shop that sold the work of Walter Jennings, the former Superintendent of the Roycroft Copper Shop. With great admiration, my interest grew till my late teens when I visited Mr. Jennings in his home studio. After a thorough demonstration of the tools and techniques used in chasing a square Roycroft Rose (referred to as the Tudor Rose by Mr. Jennings) he presented me with a chasing hammer and admonished me to go home, make my own tools, and practice.

My mentor Mr. Jennings passed away in 1964.

Retired after 34 years teaching the middle grades and 26 years as a member of the Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard, I find time to hammer metal into jewelry between my playing golf and the rhythm guitar with a Bluegrass group.

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