Ravenstone Tiles
Click here to view a larger picture Ravenstone Tiles is a small company located in Port Townsend, Washington USA. Owner tile artist Laura Reutter began making and designing ceramic tiles in 1998 taking inspiration from early art tile and pottery companies such as Moravian, Newcomb, Rookwood, and Grueby. Her designs depict nature with elements of an Art Nouveau and Arts & Crafts aesthetic.

Prior to working as a tile artist, Laura received a B.A. in archaeology and a Master's degree in art conservation and her work experience includes several major museums in the Midwest.

Laura relies on glaze specialist Tim Taylor who blends glazes by hand including some unique to Ravenstone Tiles. Most of Tim's glazes have a matte to satin surface quality, with subdued colors that enhance the relief carving.

Each Ravenstone tile is hand-pressed into a plaster mold. Glazes are likewise hand-applied, making every tile a unique work of art.

Ravenstone Tiles is a certified Green Business by Jefferson County of Washington State. Committed to minimizing the impact on the environment, Ravenstone Tiles relies on 100% Green electricity from renewable resources (e.g., wind, solar, hydro), through a program offered by Puget Sound Energy.

Ravenstone Welcome Tiles are approximately 1/2" thick. The nose on the GreenMan Tile protudes about 2". Both tiles are fired to a stoneware temperature making them resistant to extremes of heat and cold. They will withstand freezing weather without cracking.

The Welcome Tile has a notch in the back for hanging along with an incised shopmark. The Green Man Tile is hollow in the back and the mount will have to be improvised
Picture Name  Size   Quantity  Price   Additional
Ravenstone Welcome Tile - Sepia
 7 5/8" sq $75.00  ---
Ravenstone Green Man Tile - Sepia
 8" sq $85.00  ---
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