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1) Autobiography of Gustave Baumann. Nicely illustrated life of one of America's leading woodcut printmakers by the man himself.

2) The Gamble House - Building Paradise in California with essays by Edward R. Bosley and others and photographs by Alexander Vertikoff. This is a beautifully illustrated story of Southern California's most important Arts and Crafts residence.

3) The Manufacture of Arts & Crafts Furniture by Gustav Stickley by W. Michael McCracken. For serious Arts and Crafts aficionados explaining how Gustav Stickley really manufactured and finished his Craftsman furniture.

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4) Reconfiguring Harvey Ellis by Eileen Manning Michels. A scholarly, authoritative and highly readable account of Harvey Ellis's life and work.

5) The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer: The William Morris Kelmscott Chaucer. New for Chaucer and William Morris junkies, this is the next best thing to owning a Kelmscott Press original.

6) Walter Crane Storybook Collection. Classic children's stories beautifully enhanced by Walter Crane's classic color illustrations.

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1) The Autobiography of Gustave Baumann edited by Martin Krause
Gustave Baumann (1881-1971), was one of this country's greatest Arts and Crafts woodcut printmakers. He began his career as an artist in Chicago and in 1905 at age 24 he took up traditional woodcut printmaking. In 1910 he moved to Brown County, Indiana to make "good pictures at low cost."  Baumann later lived in the Northeast but eventually settled in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he created many woodcut prints of the American Southwest.  Baumann wrote this autobiography as he was nearing 70 years of age.  This amazing book, edited by Martin Krause, Curator of Prints, Drawings and Photographs at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, contains anecdotes of Baumann's town, family life and observations about society and the role of artists. Interspersed with over 80 color reproductions of Baumann's prints and over 30 photographs of homes and family, this is probably the best book ever published about Baumann and his entire life's work. To note:  Baumann's woodblock print, "Cottonwood Tassels," sold at auction on March 5, 2016, for $21,960! 160 pages regularly priced at $39.95, our price is $35.00. Please scroll down to order

2) The Gamble House - Building Paradise in California by Edward R. Bosley et al.
For more than a century the Gamble House has stood on a promontory overlooking the Arroyo Seco, a narrow riverbed that meanders down from the San Gabriel Mountains through Pasadena, California. The house became an architectural landmark in 1966 and for much of the time since has been open to the public with more than a million visitors having toured the house. They come for a variety of reasons, but primarily to appreciate the uncommon mixture of art and craft that is the hallmark of architects Charles and Henry Greene. That they have arrived in such numbers for so long is a testament to the vision of the designers, the skill of their craftsmen-builders, and the fruitful connection they had with their clients. This book was photographed by Alex Vertikoff and is the first full-length book published on the Gamble House. 200 pages often priced at $75 and up, our price is $60. Please scroll down to order.

3) The Manufacture of Arts & Crafts Furniture by Gustav Stickley by W. Michael McCracken
Here is a book for serious Arts and Crafts collectors who want to know exactly how Gustav Stickley manufactured and finished his furniture. Drawing on the business records of Gustav Stickley's firm kept in The Winterthur Library, the author describes how Gustav Stickley organized his factory. Details include how many workers he employed, what they did in the factory, what machinery the factory utilized, how the furniture was finished and how much furniture the factory produced. The book discusses, among other topics: What "handmade" meant in the context of furniture in the early 1900s; how Gustav Stickley's designs evolved to reduce the cost of production; how Gustav Stickley modified his finishes over the period of his production; the process of fuming; how Gustav Stickley colored, finished, and coated his furniture; the Nitrocellulose Lacquer Mystery; and the author's "Grove Park Inn experiments." The book also discusses the finishes of other leading Arts and Crafts furniture manufacturers such as the L. & J.G. Stickley Company, the Roycrofters, Stickley Brothers of Grand Rapids, and the Grand Rapids Bookcase and Chair Company ("Life-Time"). The 235-page book is lavishly illustrated with black & white and color photographs, including over fifty color samples illustrating Gustav Stickley's different finishes. Regularly priced at $45, our price is $40. Please scroll down to order.

4) Reconfiguring Harvey Ellis by Eileen Manning Michels
If you think you already know what there is to know about Harvey Ellis, THINK AGAIN! This very thorough treatment of Harvey Ellis, the artist, architect and designer, is the product of many years of scholarly research. First published in 2004 with little publicity, the book has been virtually unobtainable until very recently. The author, an emeritus professor at the University of St. Thomas and one of Minnesota’s most eminent architectural historians, began her work as a master’s thesis in 1953 and over the years meticulously documented information about Harvey Ellis from many libraries, museums, family archives and numerous other sources. The resulting large-format, hardcover book is a highly readable comprehensive biography of one of the most talented and brilliant yet enigmatic characters of the American Arts and Crafts movement. The book covers Harvey Ellis’s early years which included a brief stint as a West Point cadet, his years as an architect in St. Joseph, Minneapolis and St. Louis, his mature years as a painter and teacher in Rochester and his final years as an architectural designer working for Gustav Stickley’s The Craftsman magazine in Syracuse. Many of the chapters are illustrated with beautiful drawings and architectural renderings of buildings designed by Ellis. The chapter on Ellis’s career as a painter and teacher includes color renditions of several of his hitherto little-known paintings... who knew? The author also devotes two chapters to Ellis’s work for Gustav Stickley, including one chapter that questions the orthodox view that Harvey Ellis’s principal legacy was his role as a furniture designer for Gustav Stickley. This 370 page book is MUST READING for all serious students of the American Arts and Crafts movement. Regularly priced at $80, our price is $70. Please scroll down to order.

5) The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer: The William Morris Kelmscott Chaucer with Illustrations by Edward Burne-Jones
Designer, social reformer, and writer William Morris was a towering figure of Victorian artistic and cultural history and became one of the original founders of the Arts and Crafts movement. Inspired by the hand presses of the fifteenth century, Morris established the Kelmscott Press to publish books of his own design reviving the quality achieved by the pioneers of printing. The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer represents Morris's most ambitious undertaking as a printer and designer as well as his swansong; the four-year undertaking was completed just a few months before his death. Morris supervised every detail of production including the choice of ink and paper, the design of the type, and the use of ornaments and illustration. His lifelong friend, the celebrated painter Edward Burne-Jones, drew 87 magnificent full-page woodcut illustrations. Burne-Jones wrote: "If we live to finish it, it will be like a pocket cathedral — so full of design and I think Morris the greatest master of ornament in the world." As the culmination of the work of art that was Morris's life, the Kelmscott Chaucer embodies the printer's attempt to restore the connection between artist, art, and society. Upon its 1896 publication, The Athenaeum stated, "In its own style, the book is, beyond dispute, the finest ever issued," and to this day it is regarded as one of the most beautiful printed books in existence. Originally published as a Limited Edition of less than 500 copies, this extraordinary 576 page reprint is now available to a new generation of collectors and bibliophiles. Regularly priced at $75, our price is $60. Please scroll down to order.

6) Walter Crane Storybook by Walter Crane
With glorious full-color illustrations on every page of this charming storybook by a beloved Victorian-era artist. A prominent member of the Arts and Crafts movement, Walter Crane was among the most popular and influential creators of children's books in his day. This original compilation unites the best folktales from Crane's Toy Books, a colorful series of individual volumes with brief renditions of "Cinderella," "Sleeping Beauty," "Puss in Boots," and other favorites combined with Crane's imaginative woodblock illustrations with an inset of rhyming text. The effect suggests an early version of the graphic novel, ideal for bedtime storytelling. This beautiful new 120 page edition will delight grandparents, parents and children. Regularly priced at $25, our price is $24. Please scroll down to order.

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  1) The Autobiography of Gustave Baumann
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  2) The Gamble House - Building Paradise in California
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  3) The Manufacture of Arts & Crafts Furniture by Gustav Stickley
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  4) Reconfiguring Harvey Ellis
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  5) The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer -The William Morris Kelmscott Chaucer
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  6) Walter Crane Storybook
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