Historical Arts & Casting - Frank Lloyd Wright

In 1973 the ZCMI Department Store’s cast iron facade in Salt Lake City needed repair and the Baird brothers David, Richard and Robert working under the direction of their restoration architect father Steven discovered the skills and techniques to restore and build cast metal ornamentation.

HACI (Historical Arts & Casting Inc) searched for a company suited to the project, and finding none, HACI assembled their own artisans, sculptors and pattern makers learning how to deal with multiple metal alloys.

From sand molding to lost wax processing and incorporating support systems, the four story ZCMI façade was authentically restored. And a metal craft restoration business was born.

The success of the ZCMI project spread and soon HACI was getting awards for restoration of cast metal ornamentation from coast to coast. A cast-metal revival had occurred!

Today HACI offers what is recognized to be the best available consultation on preservation of cast-metal work having just finished their most notable project: the multiple year restoration of the US Capitol Dome in Washington DC.

HACI‘s treasure chest of skills includes sculpting, foundry, machining, fabrication, finishing and field work restoration in their repertoire working with the finest of American architects on projects across the country.

Earlier in company history HACI had an agreement with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and a Signature Collection of reproduction ornamentation pieces were offered to collectors. The Collection also included designs by Louis Sullivan and Robert Jarvie. Fair Oak Workshops represented HACI and sold these products to our customers. In fact, a few of the designs were actually copied from our antique collection!

Unfortunately, HACI’s business grew with so much demand that the Signature Collection of reproduction Wright, Sullivan and Jarvie products were discontinued! Fair Oak Workshops secreted some of the pieces to the back of our inventory shelves which we have now just rediscovered.

Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959)
Frank Lloyd Wright was arguably the most important architect of the 20th century. Today his name is synonymous with architectural genius. Prolific and visionary, he changed the American architectural landscape creating home designs that considered all details of a project from the architecture of the house within the landscape to the interior furniture and decorative objects. This attention to detail included designs of items that were to accessorize the home all the way down to specific placement within an interior. There are stories that when Wright would visit a client's home he had no hesitation in rearranging the furniture and decorative elements to his own taste without even asking for the owners consent!

1) The Frank Lloyd Wright Weed Holder was one of Wright's favorte accessory items fabricated in copper by James A Miller and Brother of Chicago and used to accessorize his earlier homes. Not many were produced and the originals when they appear at auction hammer at the high ten thousand of dollars!
The originals were fabricated from copper sheet while these Historical Arts & Casting reproductions are cast bronze so they are much heavier than the originals.
The Weed Holders have an attractive copper looking patina, they are marked, dated 1992 and are numbered # 82, 88, 89 and 90. Please scroll down to order.

2) The Frank Lloyd Wright Copper Urn was another of his early favorite objects and he included it in drawings and prints as early as the 1890s.
Manufactured by James A Miller and Brother of Chicago, it is estimated that only nine were produced and incorporated as accessory items in his early designed houses.
Rarely do original Wright Urns come to market and when they do, an auction house will hammer it sold for over $700,000!
This Historical Arts & Casting Urn marked, dated 1992 and numbered #96. It has a good copper looking patina and since it is cast bronze, it is much heavier than the original urn fabricated from copper sheet. Historical Arts & Casting also included a copper insert with handles to hold water for fresh flowers. Freight shipment will be required. We have one, please scroll down to order.

Picture Name  Size   Quantity  Price   Additional
1) Historical Arts & Castings Frank Lloyd Wright Weed Holders  2" Sq x 29" tall $900.00  ---
2) Historical Arts & Castings Frank Lloyd Wright Urn  18" $4,500.00  ---
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