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1) Stickley's Craftsman Homes by Ray Stubblebine

This book is a MUST for all Arts & Crafts fans. Obviously a labor of love, Ray has written a hefty 528-page book documenting hundreds of Gustav Stickley designed homes built between 1904 and 1916. Regardless of your interest in Gustav Stickley or your particular focus into the Arts & Crafts movement, Stickley‘s 221 home designs published in his magazine "The Craftsman" synthesized, romanticized and popularized the Arts & Crafts style and borrowing on his magazine name, became known as the "Craftsman Style"! To date, 254 home designs have been identified as Stickley and are documented in this book. These designs range form mansions to mountain camps and everything in between. There are probably thousands of these early 20th century home designs across America copied by both lesser known and famous architects of the period. The home designs are presented chronologically corresponding to the sequence they appeared in Stickley’s magazine "The Craftsman". The book also contains an introduction to the Crabtree Farms museum in Highland Park, IL as well as Stickley’s own Craftsman Farms estate in Morris Plains, NJ. The latter includes sepia photographs from Stickley’s magazine contrasted with color photographs of the current restored house museum. The entire book is lush with original floor plans, sepia photographs from the magazine and current color photos. There is also an informational chapter on Arts & Crafts colors. The current exterior color photography presents an endless stream of landscaping ideas and the interior photographs will boggle the decorator’s mind. This is the ultimate Arts & Crafts coffee table book; again a MUST for every Arts & Crafts aficionado. Limited quantity available. Hardcover 528 pp. Publisher price was $75.

2) The Manufacture of Arts & Crafts Furniture by Gustav Stickley by W. Michael McCracken

Here is a book for serious Arts & Crafts collectors who want to know exactly how Gustav Stickley manufactured and finished his furniture. Drawing on the business records of Gustav Stickley's firm that repose in The Winterthur Library, the author describes how Gustav Stickley organized his factory, how many workers he employed and what they did in the factory, what machinery the factory utilized, how the furniture was finished, and how much furniture the factory produced. The book discusses, among other topics: What "handmade" meant in the context of furniture in the early 1900s; how Gustav Stickley's designs evolved to reduce the cost of production; how Gustav Stickley modified his finishes over the period of his production; the process of fuming; how Gustav Stickley colored, finished, and coated his furniture; the Nitrocellulose Lacquer Mystery; and the author's "Grove Park Inn experiments." The book also discusses the finishes of other leading Arts & Crafts furniture manufacturers such as the L.&J.G. Stickley Furniture Company, the Roycrofters, Stickley Brothers of Grand Rapids, and the Grand Rapids Bookcase and Chair Company ("Life-Time"). The 325-page book is lavishly illustrated with black and white and color photographs, including over fifty color samples illustrating Gustav Stickley's different finishes. For the handy craftsman or refinisher, the book includes an invaluable glossary of early 1900s finishing terminology, and an appendix containing the formulas or recipes for the stain samples shown in the book. Softcover 325 pp. Publisher price was $45.

3) Gustav Stickley - His Craft by A. Patricia Bartinique

The catalog for a comprehensive exhibition held at Craftsman Farms in Parsippany, New Jersey, from November 15, 1992 to January 31, 1993, this informative book is again available. Patricia Bartinique authored the text. Other Arts and Crafts authorities have contributed essays to highlight the distinctive elements of Gustav Stickley’s designs and finished products. The book includes illustrations of all Gustav Stickley’s marks, providing insight into the dating of pieces. Collectors from all over the United States lent rare pieces from their collections for the exhibition. Consequently, the book contains photos of early and rare pieces of Gustav Stickley furniture that most enthusiasts would otherwise never have an opportunity to see. This book is an important record of a unique exhibition that will be a valuable resource for anyone interested in the American Arts and Crafts Movement. Softcover 120 pp. Publisher price was $25.

4) Furniture of the American Arts and Crafts Movement by David Cathers

Here is the updated and revised edition of David M. Cathers’ ground-breaking book on American Arts and Crafts furniture. Originally published in 1981, this revised edition provides authoritative information on Gustav Stickley’s Craftsman Workshops, the L. & J.G. Stickley Furniture Company, and the Roycroft Shops. The book was the first to trace the style and, through a richly detailed text and over 200 illustrations, provide a means for identification, dating, and subjectively evaluating many individual pieces. This extensively illustrated book is an invaluable reference for anyone interested in the history of American decorative arts. Softcover 256 pp. Publisher price was $27.50.

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