Original Signed Jarvie Candlesticks

We have the following Original Signed Jarvie candlesticks at additional reduced pricing:

2) A pair of Delta candlesticks in bronze with replacement bobeche:

The Jarvie signature is a little hard to see; carefully check the computer lightened boxes.

These candlesticks are obviously early production because they have the incised lines at the top and bottom of the shaft and are in Jarvie's 'Verdegrene' finish rarely found on today‘s auction market.

3) A Zeta chamberstick in spun brass with a replacement bobeche:

A beautiful aged patina!

Robert Riddle Jarvie (1865-1941) was born to Scottish parents in Schenectady, NY and by 1893 was working in the Transportation Department of Chicago where he advanced quickly from clerk to chief clerk to Superintendent.
By 1905 Jarvie quit his government job and committed himself full time to hand-craft. Advertising himself as a maker of lamps, lampshades, lanterns and candlesticks he earned notoriety in The Craftsman and House Beautiful Magazines.
His own design Beta candlestick introduced in 1902 established Jarvie as being an 'original artist'. His use of Chicago's Kalo Shops as his retail outlet is probably where he got the idea to use the Greek Alphabet to name his candlestick designs. Surprisingly, Jarvie's candlestick production lasted only 7 years.
Jarvie was one of the founders of the Cliff Dwellers Club which created the opportunity for Jarvie to work in silver doing trophies often designed by fellow Scotsman George Elmslie.
Jarvie earned the reputation as America's premier designer and metal-smith until the start of World War I.


Picture Name  Size   Quantity  Price   Additional
Original and Signed Delta Candlestick
sold as a pair
Was $800
 5 1/2" dia x 13 1/2" h $595.00  ---
3) Original and Signed Zeta Chamberstick
Was $500
 6" dia x 6 1/4" h $375.00  ---
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