Thiesen Mission Style Furniture

1) Nightstand

Attractive sloped sides with keyed tenons.
Fumed quartersawn white oak.
Top is plain sawn.
Drawer is ash of dovetail construction.
Hardware is commercial; strap hinge is simulated.
26" square x 16" high.
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2) Sofa Table

Fumed quartersawn white oak.
Dragonfly inlay of Mahogany and Walnut.
Drawer is dovetail construction.
Note tapered legs with integral feet.
47" wide x 11 3/4" deep by 28" high.
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3) Water Over the Bridge Coffee Table

John is a Rholfs fan and in his reading he noted reference to a bridge in the UK of this design.
Inspired to use the design as a Coffee Table base, a bridge would typically have water under it; in this case the water is over the bridge.
The water is simulated with a 2 ft x 4' ft 1/2" thick plate glass.
Wood is fumed plain sawn.
2 ft x 4 ft top x 18" high.
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Picture Name  Size   Quantity  Price   Additional
Keyed tenon Nightstand  26" sq x 16" H $1,600.00  *
Dragonfly inlaid Sofa Table  47" L x 11 3/4" W x 28" H $1,465.00  *
Water Over the Bridge Coffee Table  4' L x 2' W x 18" H $1,300.00  *
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