Arts & Crafts Garage Leftover Sale
Some of the items are leftover from the previous Fair Oak Workshops Garage Sale and some of the items are additional inventory finds!
Subjet to prior sale, we will honor prices on these Sale items thru Thursday, July 25th.

Shown L to R above are:
1) Levenger Expandable Book Rack
2) Arts & Crafts Clock of unknown origin (battery operated mechanism)
3) Pair of Haeger Frank Lloyd Wright design Pinnacle Vases (Green & Red glazes)
4) Prairie style Photo Stand (7x10 photo)
5) Stickley Style Revolving Book Rack (nicely holds CDís!)
6) Pair of Prairie style Light Stands with cord switch.

Lots of stuff is found hiding behind active inventory and Garage Sales can sure help to reduce one of a kind leftovers.
We hope you will stop to shop and help us clear out these miscellaneous items!

If anything is left, this Garage Sale Cleanup ends Thursday, July 25th at 11 PM EDT.

Picture Name  Size   Quantity  Price   Additional
8) Stickley Style Levenger ADJUSTABLE BOOK RACK
Finished Medium Brown
 17 1/2 "Lx6 3/4"Wx7 1/2H $135.00  ---
Haeger Frank Lloyd Wright PINNACLE VASES
 4 3" diag X 16"H $175.00  ---
15) Prairie StylePHOTO STAND w/7x10 Glass Lens
Qtr-Sawn Oak finished Med Brown
 36 1/2"H x 10"W x 11"D $205.00  ---
Finished Lite Brown
 12" SQ x 9" H $250.00  ---
6) Pair Prairie Style Light Stands w/Line Cord Switch
Qtr-Sawn Oak finished Med Brown
 34 1/2"H x 9"W x 10 1/2"D $250.00  ---
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