Door Pottery
2018 Holiday Vase

Keeping up the tradition, Scott Draves, owner of Door Pottery, had just released his 2018 Holiday Vase.
Scott calls it his ‘Southern Flower Frog Table Vase’.

And no, before you ask, the flowers are not included!

Like all potters, Scott is also a collector and one of his favorites is this frog vase in it’s original antique form.
Made by one of the North Carolina group of southern potters, their low-fire earthenware was characteristically light, thin walled and delicate.
And being low-fire, the original vases were not watertight.
Scott’s new 2018 Holiday Vase is watertight!

This Holiday Vase table centerpiece is guaranteed to create attention.
Expect compliments!

A word of caution: Scott always limits his Holiday production and as a result our allotment is just a few.
This vase will sell out quickly so order promptly!

All Door Pottery is thrown, decorated and fired in Madison Wisconsin.
So our Made in America mantra continues.

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2018 Holiday Vase
 6.5" h x 4.4" dia $89.00  ---
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