Pratt Clay Studio
Click here to view a larger picture Mary learned to make pots while she was a student at the University of Wisconsin in Stout WI. As a Studio Art major she was required to take many different art studio classes, ceramics being one of them. At first Mary was intimidated and frustrated; handling clay can be very challenging in the beginning. But soon she was hooked and she changed her concentration to Ceramics.

After graduation from college, Mary worked for a number of area potteries including Rowe Pottery, Bruce Johnson Clay Studio and P Wakefield & Co. She also has experience as a sculptor with NASCO designing and creating medical training simulators where she developed her sculpting techniques. Subsequently Mary became a potter/sculptor for Ephraim allowing her to further refine her trademark of high relief sculpture.

Mary is also a Mom who enjoys biking, camping, travel, and gardening with her two teenage daughters. In her spare time, Mary is also a substitute teacher for two school districts.

Mary’s background glaze is 'Alabaster' (...meaning smooth and white) and all her decorative glazes are water-tight. Mary uses white stoneware clay which gives her the sculpting properties she needs for the decorations she loves to make. Her decorativen inspirations originate from the natural world in her everyday surroundings with an ongoing fascination with botanical drawing and the scientific depiction of insects.

Working in her southeastern Wisconsin Studio, Mary creates discriminating, sensitive, artful pottery which fulfills and satisfies her creative needs while releasing her concentrated life energy into joyful pottery for others to enjoy. Like those who lived before, Mary is committed to recreating nature’s detail with an ageless material: clay.

Through this renaissance of her work, Mary hopes you will contemplate the natural world in a fresh way. Beauty is all encompassing and joy is to be found in unexpected places.
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Reliance Ginkgo Cabinet Vase in a 'Caribbean' Green glaze
 8 1/4" H x 4" dia $135.00  ---
Calla Lilys on a Hampshire Green Cabinet Vase  3.5" x 4" $156.00  ---
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