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Creating Beauty

This long awaited NEW book has to be the best Schiffer Publishing book ever printed and it took the manuscript of the foremost authority on the silver, jewelry, and art-enamels created by the nation’s most talented metalsmiths of the early 20th century to do it!

More than 530 beautifully photographed examples of jewelry and art-enamel work glow from the pages of this first comprehensive study of the work and aesthetic vision of the American Arts & Crafts Movement. The lives and art of the era’s top craftsmen—84 jewelers, enamelists, and metalsmiths—are explained with careful consideration to the contexts and influences that shaped them. The belief that beauty should be part of everyday life was paramount in the design reform movements of the early 20th century. Dozens of creators are featured here, including Josephine Hartwell Shaw, Frank Gardner Hale, Robert Riddle Jarvie, the Kalo Shop, Louis Comfort Tiffany, and the Roycroft. Although jewelry and enamelwork pieces received appreciative critical acclaim in that period, during today’s revival of interest in the US Arts & Crafts movement, they have attracted scant attention from art historians. This collection fills that void and is a valuable resource for collectors and historians.
Hardcover 9” x 12” 272 pp with 531 photographs most in color.

This was also the most popular book sold at the recent annual Arts & Crafts Conference at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC!

This coffee table book is a complete compendium on the Arts & Crafts Jewelry of the early 1900's and as such is a MUST for every Arts & Crafts library.


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Creating Beauty by Rosalie Berberian
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