Contemporary Tiffany Lamps
In our career days we worked in a Tiffany world of lamps. My boss was a big time Tiffany collector and after his passing we took his business and later personal Tiffany collections to auction.

Not able to afford even one of his original lamps, we did collect some contemporary Tiffany Style Lamps reminding me of the original favorites I had dealt with. Over time, I also collected too many contemporary lamps and once again its time to thin the herd.

1) Tabletop Terrarium
Not a lamp but a beautiful lighted terrarium for your precious orchid. It has a bayonet style lite socket perfect for a small led (to avoid generating heat) and a line switch with two brightness settings. This terrarium was made by Quoizel about 20 years ago and besides this one we have never seen another. Medium sized at 14 diameter and 26 tall. The base is husky and water tight. There is a Quoziel sticker on the base underside.

2) Lotus Bell Table Lamp on a Ribbed Harp Base
Tiffany Lotus Lamps of any shape is one of our favorites. We use this smaller bell design on a hall table to provide a nice nite light in the foyer. There is a convenient on/off switch on the lamp base. Nice size: the Harp is 17 wide and 21 high.

3) Turtleback Table Lamp with Square Turtleback Base
Tiffany style Turtleback lamps are always impressive. While my experience was with a chandelier (boy was it heavy), I opted for this smaller desk version. The base has turtleback inserts as well but unlike the original Tiffany, there is no lite inside the base. This lamp is desk sized with a 16 diameter shade and the lamp is 20 high. This lamp needs to be plugged into an on/off switched outlet.

With the exception of the Terrarium, none of the lamps or shades are signed. Most are Dale Tiffany or Quoizel purchased about 20 years ago when the contemporary designs were much more authentic! None of the designs are in current catalogs and would be probably hard to find.

We hope any buyers will enjoy their choice as much as we have.
Picture Name  Size   Quantity  Price   Additional
11) Tiffany Style TABLETOP TERRARIUM  14" dia x 26" h $300.00  $65.00
12) Tiffany Style LOTUS BELL TABLE LAMP  17" w x 21" h $375.00  $65.00
13) Tiffany Style TURTLEBACK TABLE LAMP  16" dia x 20" h $400.00  $65.00
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