William Morris Woodpecker by Rennie & Rose
William Morris was a English Textile designer in the later 1800's during the beginning Arts & Crafts Period.

Morris described tapestry weaving as "the noblest of the weaving arts".
The "Woodpecker" tapestry is unusual in that it was one of the very few Morris designed himself.

This design is extraordinary in color, depth and detail.

The material is a Poly/Cotton blend; in the case of the Pillows, the reverse is a solid 100% polyester. The pillows also have a zipper enclosure.

Interesting thought: these fabrics can also be used in the bedroom. The Table Runner makes a nice bed scarf, the Placemats made nice dresser pads and the Pillows can be used as throw pillows anywhere.
Picture Name  Size   Quantity  Price   Additional
William Morris Woodpecker Table Runner
Poly/Cotton Blend
 13" X 74" $82.95  ---
William Morris Woodpecker Placemats
Poly/Cotton Blend
 13" X 17" $19.25  ---
  William Morris Woodpecker Lumbar Pillow, see below  14" X 17" $58.95  ---
William Morris Woodpecker Pillows
Reverse is solid polyester
 18" square $62.95  ---
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