Framed Homestead Prints
Mark Grounard loves the Arts & Crafts style! He finds the designs warm with the color pallets, rich woods and the handcrafted nostalgic look very soothing. As a seasoned graphic designer, he’s created a series of framed prints for everyone that shares his passion. Mark hopes you will enjoy seeing one of these special quotes hanging in a place of honor in your beautiful Craftsman style home.

A graphic designer and illustrator for 35 years, Mark was always looking for appropriate prints to hang on the walls of his Pennsylvania Arts & Crafts Tudor. Unable to find exactly what he was looking for, he decided to produce this line of prints. Each is beautifully designed, digitally printed on canvas, laminated to a board, and presented in a solid oak, Mission-style frame handcrafted in Pennsylvania.

Mark lives in rural eastern Pennsylvania which is also home to great Mennonite woodworkers. The Mennonites work hard and enjoy a simple life. Mark enjoys meeting with his woodworker on his farm and seeing the children in their little pony drawn wagon.

Allow a minimum of 14 days as an average lead time for shipment. If the particular frame style of your print is out of stock, we will advise of a longer wait as you do not rush the Mennonite craftsman.

Mark’s prints are giclee printed on canvas and then laminated on to a gatorboard backing. Meant to duplicate a painting, there is no glass and just like a painting, the surface can be dusted with a damp cloth. Do not use anything alcohol based as it will smear the print.

The prints are furnished in the frames as shown below. The oak used for the frames is not quarter-sawn although some quarter-sawn grain may appear. The oak is stained medium reddish brown. The frame includes a sawtooth hanger on the back.

Shipped UPS from east central Pennsylvania, we must also charge Pennyslvania customers a 6% Sales Tax.

We hope you will enjoy our selection of Mark’s Homestead Prints shown below. Here is the font style Mark uses:

Also a word of caution: keep in mind usually there are slight color variances between all pc monitors and cell phone screens.

PLEASE NOTE: When ordering a framed Homestead Print YOU MUST specify the custom name to be inserted on the print
in the additional information block on the order checkout Step 5. Maximun is 12 characters.
For the 'Home of' print, also specify the year to be inserted.

Picture Name  Size   Quantity  Price   Additional
God Bless The Home  18 3/4" w x 15 3/4" h $250.00  *
Welcome To The Home  18 3/4" w x 15 3/4" h $250.00  *
The Home of Since  18 3/4" w x 15 3/4" h $250.00  *
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* There is a $20 Shipping Charge for all Mission Statement orders