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Viennese Pendant Dinner China
Click here to view a larger picture When grandfather Dard Hunter the Roycrofter was in Vienna on his honeymoon in 1908, he purchased a tea cup and saucer which 95 years later is still in the family china cabinet at Mountain House in Chillicothe, Ohio. Grandson Dard has always been fond of this heirloom, especially attracted to the tea cup handle so reminiscent of Vienna Secessionist Movement style.

Setting out to reproduce this unique tea cup, grandson Dard decided to decorate it with another grandfather Dard advertising design of 1909 which is also obviously influenced by his Vienna visit. Respectful to the period, the combination has been appropriately named "Viennese Pendant China". Colors are hunter green with terra cotta accents on white bone china.

This is fine bone china with the characteristic delicate profile but it is both dishwasher and microwave safe.

Available now for shipping, the 5 piece place setting (shown at right) includes cup & saucer with spoon, dinner plate, salad plate and the rimmed soup/pasta bowl. The charger, berry/dessert bowl and accessory pieces must be purchased separately.

Because of the extra care required to pack china for shipment, there is an additional 10% charge for shipping.

We also have accessory items in the same Viennese Pendant design:
Table top napkins and placemats of tightly woven soft Belgian linen embroidered with the pendant design in hunter green with terra cotta accents and a Stencil of the pendant design perfect for a coordinated wall or fabric decoration.

Picture Name  Size   Quantity  Price   Additional
Viennese China 5 pc Single Place Setting   $112.00  $11.20
Viennese China 20 pc Four Place Settings   $448.00  $44.80
Viennese China 40 pc Eight Place Settings   $896.00  $89.60
Viennese China Cup & Saucer with Spoon  11 oz $32.00  $3.20
Viennese China Dinner Plate  10 3/4" dia $28.00  $2.80
Viennese China Salad Plate  8 7/8" dia $25.00  $2.50
Viennese China Rim Soup/Pasta Bowl  8 3/4" dia $27.00  $2.70
Viennese China Berry/Dessert Bowl  5" dia $24.00  $2.40
Viennese China Charger (great for hors d'oeuvres)  12 1/4" dia $32.00  $3.20
Viennese China Teapot  60 oz $125.00  $12.50
Viennese China Sugar Bowl w/Lid  8 oz $32.00  $3.20
Viennese China Creamer w/Lid  8 oz $32.00  $3.20
Viennese China Oval Serving Platter  14" oval $85.00  $8.50
Viennese China Salt & Pepper Shakers set   $28.00  $2.80
Dard Hunter Viennese Pendant Stencil  23" x 4-1/2" $25.00  ---
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