Arts & Crafts Conference 2017

1) NEW! Published in February 2017!
Oscar Onken and The Shop of the Crafters at Cincinnati by M.J. McCracken and Michael McCracken

Finally a book by Arts and Crafts authorities Je and Michael McCracken that presents a much-needed history of this company and its many unique Arts and Crafts furniture designs. Oscar Onken, the son of German immigrants, purchased The Shop of the Crafters from a business associate in 1904 and grew the business over the next several years. During this time the company came out with its signature line of “Crafters” inlaid furniture designed by the Hungarian Paul Horti whom Oscar Onken met at the 1904 St. Louis Exposition where Horti was curating the Hungarian exhibit. This large format book includes a scholarly history of The Shop of the Crafters, a portfolio of stunning color photographs showing numerous forms of the company’s rare inlaid furniture, an unabridged facsimile of the company’s 32-page 1902 catalogue and the company’s 16-page Fall 1904 catalogue (neither previously reprinted), an additional 16 pages omitted from the previously reprinted 1906 catalogue, a 1907 sales pamphlet showing additional furniture designs, and the complete 32-page issue of Volume 1, No. 1 of the company’s promotional magazine, The Lantern. This book is a must-have resource for any serious student of the Arts and Crafts movement. Softcover, 160 pp, see below to order.

SPECIAL: If you purchase this book, we will include with your order a copy of the 64-page 1906 Shop of the Crafters catalogue (a $20 value) that was originally reprinted in 1983.

2) NEW! Published in February 2017!
The Arts and Crafts Furniture of J.M. Young & Sons, Camden, New York by Michael E. Clark and Jill Thomas-Clark

Here is a greatly expanded edition of an earlier, much sought-after, long out-of-print work by Michael Clark and Jill Thomas-Clark. The illustrated Introduction tells the history of the company, the evolution of its Arts and Crafts furniture, its close relationship with its neighbor, the L.&J.G. Stickley Furniture Company, and the company’s production in its later years. (This company was in business almost 100 years and was making mission Morris chairs into the 1940s!) The book includes the company’s own photos and drawings of all known styles of J.M. Young Arts and Crafts furniture, with a table that lists its furniture by number, dimensions, and quantity produced, based on the company’s production records. If you own or aspire to own the quality mission furniture of the J.M Young company, this is the book to own! Softcover, 160 pp, see below to order.

3) Limbert's Holland Dutch Arts & Crafts Furniture

This large format book (9" x 12") features a scholarly, illustrated Introduction with a brief history of the Charles P. Limbert Company of Grand Rapids and Holland, Michigan, together with unabridged reprints of the company's 196-page Catalogue No. 10 from 1908-09 and the company's 40-page Supplement No. 19 from 1915. Catalogue No. 10 shows the full line of Limbert's distinctive Arts and Crafts furniture as of September 1908. Supplement No. 19 shows the company's rare Ebon-Oak line and its line of Arts and Crafts furniture using open cane that was launched at the same time. The book also includes six pages from the company's Book No. 117 (c. 1910) showing the company's "Flanders" line (mission furniture with turned-post elements) and eight pages of Limbert room settings in full color (as these pages appeared in Catalogue No. 10 and Book No. 117). The book shows many Limbert forms not pictured in any other Limbert catalog reprints, including the one below. Softcover, 284 pp, see below to order.

4) The Autobiography of Gustave Baumann

Gustave Baumann (1881-1971), one of this country’s greatest Arts and Crafts woodcut print makers, began his career as an artist in Chicago. In 1905 at age 24 he took up traditional woodcut printmaking, and in 1910 he moved to Brown County, Indiana to make “good pictures at low cost.” Baumann later lived in the Northeast, but eventually settled in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he created many woodcut prints of the American Southwest. Baumann wrote his autobiography as he was nearing 70 years of age. This amazing new book, edited by Martin Krause, Curator of Prints, Drawings and Photographs at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, contains anecdotes of Baumann’s town and family life and observations about society and the role of artists, interspersed with over 80 color reproductions of Baumann’s prints and over 30 photographs of homes and family. This is probably the best book ever published about Baumann and his entire life’s work. Hardcover 160 pp, see below to order.

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1) Oscar Onken and The Shop of the Crafters at Cincinnati
also includes 64 pg 1906 Catalog
  $40.00  *
2) The Arts and Crafts Furniture of J M Young & Sons, Camden, NY   $35.00  *
3) Limbert's Holland Dutch Arts and Crafts Furniture   $30.00  *
4) Autobiography of Gustave Baumann   $40.00  *
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