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Brett is a young self taught craftsman of north central Missouri. Brett has an uncanny sense of the Arts & Crafts aesthetic and philosophy while designing and hand-crafting furniture pieces in quarter-sawn white oak.

His joinery is mortise and tenon both thru and blind. Brett's wood joints are splined practicing all the correct woodworking techniques for fine craftsmanship.

Brett finishes his pieces with a high quality catalized lacquer which is then waxed and buffed for a nice even finish.

Brett ships from central Missouri.

1) Flowering Ridgecrest Chandelier

Greene & Greene inspired Arts & Crafts Style Dining Room Chandelier crafted of African Mahogany with real Ebony Inlay.
Crafted of hand-made Amber copper foiled glass patterned to match the Silverlake Wall Sconce.
The chandelier is hung with leather straps and has a minimum height of 22".
The ceiling mount is 40" x 24".
The shade is 36" x 24" and the Lantern is 26" x 16" with four sockets.
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2) Pasadena Mirror

A design by Brett at Craftsman Studio, this mirror has an amber background with purple flowers and green leaves all in copper foil art glass.
The frame is constructed of quarter-sawn white oak using mortise and tenon pinned joinery with ebony inlays.
The Mirror is 25.5" wide by 29.5" high and 1" deep.
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3a) Stickley #66 Wall Mirror 3b) Craftsman Mirror 3c) Aurora Mirror

3a) The reproduction Stickley #66 Wall Mirror is constructed of hand-selected quarter-sawn white oak using pinned mortise and tenon joinery.
The Mirror is 36" wide by 26" high by 1" deep.
3b) Craftsman Mirror: Similar crafting details.
Dimensions 46" wide by 27 1/2" high by 4" deep.
3c) Aurora Mirror again similar crafting details.
Dimensions: 54" wide by 26" high by 1" deep
All Mirrors have a dark stain like the Aurora Mirror.
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4)Large Santa Rosa Sconses

Originally designed by Greene & Greene for the 1907 Blacker House Library in Pasadena, CA.
Our reproduction is crafted of Mahogany with Ebony Inlay and hand-leaded copper foil glass.
The fixture has a single socket: Wall Mount is 18" x 6" with a 8" x 6" Lantern. Overall width is 14" projecting 11"
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5) Riverview Floor Lamp

Hand-made from quarter-sawn white oak in a deep reddish brown finish.
Hand-made copper foil art glass shade.
The sweeping curves of the base have copper pyramid head nails that provide a nice Arts & Crafts detail.
The floor lamp stands 60" tall with four individually operated pull chains sockets.
Dimensions: 21" square x 60" tall.
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6) Riverside Floor Lamp
See Riverview above for detail.
The only difference is a Riverview shade features circles at the sides instead of the slots with the Riverside, see below.
The Arts Glass Shade design is the same for both the Riverview and Riverside.

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Picture Name  Size   Quantity  Price   Additional
1) We have 1
Flowering Ridgecrest Chandelier
Ebony inlay, amber copper foil art glass
 See above $3,595.00  *
2) We have 2
Pasadena Vertical Mirror
 25.5" w x 29.5" h $650.00  *
3a) We have 2
Stickley Mirror
 See above $495.00  *
3b) Craftsman Mirror
Dark Brown Stain
 See above $625.00  *
3c) Aurora Mirror
Dark Brown Stain
 See above $595.00  *
4) We have 1
Large Santa Rosa Mahogany Sconce
Ebony details & hand-leaded glass
 14" w x 11" projection $1,025.00  *
5 Riverview Floor Lamp with Hand-Leaded Shade  21" sq x 60" tall $2,250.00  *
  5a) Riverview Floor Lamp with Mica Panels Shade  21" sq x 60" tall $1,750.00  *
  6) Riverside Floor Lamp with Hand-Leaded Shade see above  21" sq x 60" tall $2,250.00  *
6a) Riverside Floor Lamp with Mica Panels Shade  21" sq x 60" tall $1,750.00  *
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