Framed Railroad Oil Paintings

1) C&NW Commuter 'Scoot' at Deval Crossing by F Carlson

Deval Crossing is in DesPlaines, a suburb just north of O’Hare Airport and 17 miles NW from Chicago. Deval Tower controlled the C&NW triple track Harvard line and its ‘scoots’ commuter service from Crystal Lake crossing the SOO line from Wisconsin. Nearby but out of sight is another C&NW “New Line’, an all freight Chicago bypass accessing Proviso Yard directly. Deval Tower controlled this crossing until it was gutted by fire in 2005 and replaced by remote control. Steam ’scoot’ locomotives were usually powered by a class of 325 4-6-0 Ten Wheelers and in this instance, the ‘scoot’ is powered by Ten Wheeler #493. Signed F Carlson Aug '86.

2) C&O Pacific early morning with red Buick Roadmaster waiting by R M Sparks

Maybe this is the early morning train #47 somewhere along the tidewater from Newport News via Williamsburg to Richmond about 10 AM? Since the C&O F-18 Pacifics were retired by ’52 and the auto is a ‘49 Buick Roadmaster, passenger ridership may have declined by this time to the point this section of the Sportsman had become mostly a mail train? Note an Express Car, two RPO’s, a combine and a couple of coaches. Signed R M Sparks '86.

3) CB&Q California Zephyr inbound at Highlands Station by C L Smith

Original oil on canvas painted by Chicago area railroad artist C L Smith. Features inbound California Zephyr powered by a set of A-B-A Burlington E-5's flying down the center passenger racetrack through Highlands Station east of downtown Hinsdale. It's a warm autumn afternoon and the train is on time for it's 1:30 PM arrival at Chicago's Union Station 16 miles east. Signed C L Smith '85.

C.L. Smith was raised in a railway family with close ties to coal and iron mining. Smith witnessed America's heavy industries at work with the Southern railway lines well traveled while he attended a military college in the south. Working with oil on linen, his paintings are detailed, yet convey the drama of light and motion. He has won many awards and has exhibited across the U.S. His paintings have covered and appeared in magazines, and one was the dust jacket for the book "One Man's Locomotives". Smith is an American Society of Railway Artists Founding Member.

This painting was purchased new in '85 by the current owner, a resident of Downers Grove IL. I remember watching the Burlington Zephyrs race through downtown heading both west to their destinations and east to Chicago's Union Station. I happened to meet C L Smith at a local artists show around the corner from Downers Grove's Burlington station and I bought this painting as an investment.

These oil paintings are originals and there is only one of each.

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C&NW Commuter Scoot at Deval Crossing
framed original oil by F Carlson Aug '86
 27 3/4" x 23 3/4" $475.00  $50.00
C&O Pacific early morning with red Buick waiting
framed original oil by R M Sparks '86
 25 1/4" x 37 1/4" $800.00  $65.00
CB&Q California Zephyr at Highlands Station
Framed original oil by C L Smith '85
 40 3/4" x 28 1/2" $1,800.00  $75.00
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