Framed Railroad Oil Paintings

#1) This original oil on canvas was painted to be the dust cover for B&O Steam Finale, Vol 2 which covers the Pittsburgh Division over Sand Patch. Authors Deane Mellander and Bob Kaplan with photos by William Price. Framed painting is 20 ¼” x 26 ½” and is signed R M Sparks ’88. Price $800.

#2) Deval Crossing is in DesPlaines, a suburb just north of O’Hare Airport and 17 miles NW from Chicago. Deval Tower controlled the C&NW triple track Harvard line and its ‘scoots’ commuter service from Crystal Lake crossing the SOO line from Wisconsin. Nearby but out of sight is another C&NW “New Line’, an all freight Chicago bypass accessing Proviso Yard directly. Deval Tower controlled this crossing until it was gutted by fire in 2005 and replaced by remote control. Steam ’scoot’ locomotives were usually powered by a class of 325 4-6-0 Ten Wheelers and in this instance, the ‘scoot’ is powered by Ten Wheeler #493. Framed painting is 27 ¾” x 23 ¾” and is signed F Carlson Aug 86. Price $475.

#3) Maybe this is the early morning train #47 somewhere along the tidewater from Newport News via Williamsburg to Richmond about 10 AM? Since the C&O F-18 Pacifics were retired by ’52 and the auto is a ‘49 Buick Roadmaster, passenger ridership may have declined by this time to the point this section of the Sportsman had become mostly a mail train? Note an Express Car, two RPO’s, a combine and a couple of coaches. Framed painting is 25 ¼” x 37 ¼” and is signed R M Sparks 1986. Price $800.

#4) Original oil on canvas in frame 40 ¾” x 28 ½”. Inbound California Zephyr powered by a matched A-B-A set of Burlington E5’s flying down the passenger main on CB&Q’s racetrack through Highlands Station just east of Hinsdale on a warm fall afternoon on schedule for its 1:30 PM arrival at Chicago’s Union Station 16 miles east. Signed C L Smith ‘85. Price $1800.

#5) We’re just not sure where this scene might be. Somewhere on the mainline or perhaps the Shenandoah, Pocahontas or Aberdeen-Asheboro subdivisions? In any event, N&W Class A 2-6-6-4 appears to be working a grade witness its exhaust. This June ‘43 Roanoke built steam locomotive did extensive excursion duty from 1987 to 1991 being the most powerful operational steam locomotive at that time. Our framed painting is 23 ¾” x 27 ¾ ”, is in excellent condition and is signed F Carlson May 88. Price $475.

These oil paintings are originals and there is only one of each.

These paintings are not Fair Oak Workshops products but are being presented here as a favor to a friend. Fair Oak Workshops cannot accept orders for the paintings.

If you are interested in purchasing a painting, please email the seller at You may request a larger photo by email. If you decide to purchase a painting, it will be arranged privately between you and the seller. If convenient, it can include local pickup. If the painting needs to be shipped, the seller will ship UPS with the buyer paying the pre-approved actual shipping charge.

Thank you for your interest.

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